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Halloween 2016 Montage

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have such fond memories of Halloween growing up. From the time I was taken to my first haunted house, to later in my teens while I was coked out of my goddamn mind telling improv ghost stories. Good times.

I want to make sure I give a little bit of that back to my neighbors' kids. The haunted house part, not the coke. My husband and I combined our talents to make a modest little spooky spot that had the kids screaming all night long; using some DIY jumping spiders that were triggered by proximity. Here are some of the highlights.

Video Description:

My husband took up electrical engineering last year, so this year we scared the shit out of our neighbors' kids. Here's a montage of the best reactions. This was the best Halloween EVER!

Reader Comments 3

Very classy ...puts my shouting through the letterbox 'fuck off ' to shame.
Excellent site upgrade btw
@europeansocialism: LOL, thanks! I still remember the post from whence you took that moniker back in 2014!


I was LMAO watching this. It's so great that y'all did this, brought back childhood memories of that one cool house in the neighborhood that really took Halloween seriously (in a fun way).

Great music selection too.

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