Donner Livejack Lite Audio Interface with iPad Guide

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul got a new audio interface and puppy. She shows off both in her latest video!

Video Description:

00:00 Introduction
01:27 Opening up and Discussion of the Livejack Lite Audio Interface
05:07 Up CLOSE and discussion of inputs and knobs on the front and back of the unit
09:05 HOOKING UP TO YOUR IPAD: Electric Guitar and Microphone and all Adapters needed
15:49 ACTUAL Live Recording into this interface and into iPad
18:05 looking and listening to the recorded wave through the Amp but showing a little editing , (*panning volume and muting of tracks)
20:10 ****FINISHED TRACK the sound you get when you use this interface YOU will definitely hear the difference ~~
20:55 GRACIE~~~ My new beautiful little girl~

This interface was sent to me by Donner. They manufacture many different musical instruments and Pedals and now Interfaces.

I was very impressed by how easily it connected to my iPad and it's even easier when using a pc or mac.

I show you all about the parts and how to connect it to the iPad and record a part of a song. The difference in the audio recorded by the iphone camera for the video and the audio recorded with this interface is like night and day!

Grzegorz Bojanek - Cosm Ambient Improv #3

YouTuber Grzegorz Bojanek runs the now defunct Cosm through a few interesting TC Electronic pedals.

Video Description:

Social media and more music:

Gear || Sprzęt

iPad Pro (1st Gen)
App: Cosm (unavailable)

Pedals || Effects:
TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay:
TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2:
TC Electronic Ditto Looper X4:

Recorder || Rejestrator
Zoom H4n:

iPhone 12 mini, iPad PRO (1st Gen)
Luma Fusion

OPL2 Board Assembly Time-Lapse

YouTuber lascoytbg shows us how long it took him to build the OPL2 kit. This tiny musical device sports a powerful FM chip and a very kind price tag. You can pick up your own kit for $27, or spend an extra $8 to get one assembled. Throughout this video you can hear the OPL2 playing the theme from Monkey Island.

Video Description:

This is a time-lapse of me assembling the OPL2 kit. The board is based on (in)famous YM3812 chip, the father of all FM synthesis.

If you are interested you can order one here:

Please, support me on Patreon:

haQ attaQ: Connect & Use OP-Z with iPad or iPhone

You know when Jakob Haq takes the time to do a video about connecting a device to an iPad, you're not just going to get, "connect a thing to a thing." Here Jakob covers several other concerns OP-Z users may have when trying to incorporate an iPad into their play.

Video Description:

The process of connecting a Teenage Engineering OP-Z to iPhone or iPad is fairly straightforward. However it differs a bit between iDevice models depending on if they are equipped with a Lightning port or a USB-C port. In this video I go through both port types and I also go over topics like, charging while connected, monitoring audio, sampling and updating the OP-Z firmware over USB.


Kasser Synths Arcade YM2151

YouTuber Floyd Steinberg shows off the Kasser Synths Arcade YM2151. This small device sports Yamaha's famous FM synthesis chip that was used throughout the 80's. While the practice of deliberately using hardware for FM synthesis continues to baffle me, this is at least cute. I love that the little chip is visible in the window!

Video Description:

Here's an overview of the Kasser Synths Arcade YM2151, the successor of the "Genesis YM3438" DIY synth with vastly superior sound quality and 8 voices of polyphony AND multitimbrality (see table of contents below). This synth is based on the Yamaha 2151 integrated FM soundchip which was used in early 90s arcade cabinets (hence the name).
In this video, I take a brief look at the synth's features, create an evolving pad sound, pair it with a Strymon Nightsky pedal and last but not least create a short demo track making use of the machine's multitimbratility and polyphony.

Table of contents:

00:00 hello
00:43 hardware overview
02:48 loading and playing some sounds from sd card
03:04 creating an evolving pad sound: choosing an algorithm
03:39 velocity sensitivity on/off
03:51 setting up amplitude envelopes
05:20 lfo setup
06:12 saving the sound to sd card
06:30 adding superawesome reverb with nightsky
10:22 reverb demo (continued)
11:01 multitimbral demo track using an external sequencer
13:08 conclusion

Relevant links:
Kasser Synths Arcade:

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