TTNM: Flame Mäander ... in the Sun

THE TUESDAY NIGHT MACHINES is enjoying the sun, while tweaking his Flame Mäander!

Video Description:

Flame Mäander Synthesizer, Bram Bos Ruismaker Drum Machine and Audio Damage EOS 2 Reverb. MORE INFO BELOW :)


Finally some good weather on our camping trip. My 9V + USB power bank is all charged up so here’s another jam session with the Flame Mäander wavetable and filterbank synth. I played it for a bit in my camping chair, making gratuitous use of the noise shot beat repeat feature and wavetable morphing. Later on my iPad Pro then, I added a kick drum and additional percussion in Steinberg Cubasis 2, with Bram Bos Ruismaker AUv3 drum machine iOS plugin. Of course I also threw some Audio Damage EOS 2 reverb on the Mäander’s audio track there, because those two just sound so beautiful together :)

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Rezzonator - Separation Anxiety Live

Rezzonator did a heavy-hitting modern Acid House track on his gear with an iPad present... and unused.

Video Description:

Live performance of my recent release Separation Anxiety - available now from all digital stores.

The Deluge has all the samples etc from the original track and it is sequencing the Roland TB-03 via midi.

I am also using the Arturia MiniLab to trigger samples and launch scenes and tracks on the Deluge

This is a video I made for the Synthstrom online festival.

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TheAudioDabbler: Novation 49SL MK3 | Overview

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler got a Novation 49SL MK3 to use as a controller and sequencer for his iPad.

Video Description:

Oscillator Sink almost had me convinced with his amazing keystep pro video

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Kickstarter: Joué Play

Three years ago Joué launched on Kickstarter, and was fairly successful.

The modular MIDI controller seemed fun, but practicality and price detracted from wide adoption among musicians. The developers are back with a new Kickstarter, this time aiming their MIDI controller at non-musicians.

They're pairing the new board with an app that's designed with ease-of-use in mind. I'm honestly not sure how this is supposed to be useful at all to non-musicians, but in the hands of a musician it does seem pretty slick. I enjoyed this demo performance very much!

You can pre-order the Joué Play for $290, and they hope to begin shipping in October 2020. Their last Kickstarter was 6 months late on its delivery goal. Embedded here is their official Kickstarter promo video, which includes the most "fucks" I've ever heard on Kickstarter!

Korg NTS-1 Tutorial: How To Edit the WAVES Oscillator

YouTuber ChrisLody shows off the hidden features of the WAVES oscillator in Korg's NTS-1.

Video Description:

Just a quick tutorial video on how to edit the Korg NTS-1 'WAVES' oscillator. The WAVES oscillator is a custom oscillator for the NTS-1 that comes pre-installed. It's got a lot more depth than the other oscillator settings but unfortunately the details aren't really covered properly in the manual or anywhere on the net that I can find. So here is my exploration of it. It can be an extremely gritty sounding oscillator, or layered set of waveforms when pushed.

I'll be covering how to use other custom oscillators in depth soon too as it took me a while to work out how that all works.

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