Cody Gratner - Lurker in the Abyss

YouTuber Cody Gratner is using AUM as an elaborate multi-track recorder for this jam on gear including a Make Noise 0-Coast and Electribe ER-1.

Video Description:

The Octatrack is just being used for time clock. It's sending midi time to the ER-1 and I have short pulse samples sending on 16ths and one every 4 bars to the Temps Utile to clock the modular.

The Temps Utile is sending proper 1/16th note clock signals to the Varigate 8+ and it's sending reset every 4 bars to both the Varigate 8+ and the Voltage Block. The Temps Utile is also sending 16ths to the 0-Coast's clock in.

The Varigate 8+ is sending gates to: the S-143 sequencer which is pitching the 0-Coast, the Minibrute for the kick drum, the 0-Coast for the contour and into the o_C in piqued for an envelope being mixed in the Triatt.

The Voltage Block is sending pitch CV to the Braids and is sending modulation to several other destinations. One of those is CV also being mixed in the Triatt.

The Triatt is mixing a static CV from knob 1, CV from the Voltage Block and envelopes from the o_C which is all feeding in to the CV input on the DPLPG, which is the low pass gate the Fold Processor is feeding in to which is being fed by Braids.

Everything is being ran in to the UMC-1820 which is sending multitrack audio in to AUM on iPad for recording stems. The stems were then mixed in Ableton Live.

The Pangolin plushie hiding on the right of the modular is for when I finally get a Manis Iteritas.

deltAdata : upside-down

YouTuber deltAdata tried to keytar with his Novation Circuit, which turns out to be only slightly less cool than an actual keytar. Sadly an actual keytar is extremely uncool. The performance itself is great though!

Video Description:

Keytar novation circuit electronica live jam in my garden.

custom samples and custom patchs only.

I used Stephen Hawking voice generator for the voice (added after the live record), audio was recorded with line 6 sonic port vx on ipad mini and processed with reaper on PC.
Filmed with xperia z3c and ipad mini.
Video effect made with after effects and the main video editing was done with reaper.

I found the text of the "speech" on the web years ago, and never found from who it originaly was...

Stephen Hawking voice generator:

Thanks for watching !

Slenterende Beer - Volca Techno & Ambient Jam

YouTube Duo Slenterende Beer posted the third part of their epic Techno Ambient jam on Volcas!

Video Description:

Live jam using 4 Korg Volcas and some effects.

Korg Volca Sample
Korg Volca Bass + Zoom MS-50G
Korg Volca FM + Zoom MS-70CDR
Korg Volca Keys + GFI System Specular Reverb V2
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arturia Keystep + Miditech MIDI Thru/Filter
Retrokits RK-004
Behringer XENYX QX1002USB

Recorded with iPhone 7 and Behringer UCA202.
Samples by Loopmasters.

Manikya Malaraya Poovi (Sayandip Roy Cover)

YouTuber Sayandip Roy covered Manikya Malaraya Poovi from the upcoming Indian RomCom Oru Adaar Love. This is one of the most interesting uses I've ever seen for a Melodica.

Video Description:

Enjoy the instrumental Cover version of the Manikya Malaraya Poovi by Sayandip Roy.
Oru Adaar Love is an upcoming 2018 Indian Malayalam language romantic comedy film directed by Omar Lulu. The film music and score is composed by Shaan Rahman. The song "Manikya Malaraya Poovi" sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan, a revised modern version of a Mappila song.
Instrumental Cover by SAYANDIP ROY with some spices.

Backing Track & Re-arrangement by: SAYANDIP ROY

Video work done by 'The Iris Production'

D.O.P & EDits: Ayan Mitra( & Sayan Ghosh (



Deckard - The New Name Of The Rose Pt. 1

Deckard Page showed up at the Public Library of Trani in Apulia, Italy with a whole lot of gear and started to jam. I'm not sure why the library allowed this, but he includes a history lesson on the library in the description.

Video Description:

Title: The New Name Of The Rose Pt.1
(inspired by the Novel by Umberto Eco)
Performer: Deckard
Location: Municipal Library of Trani, Apulia (Italy).
The track contains a drum sample from "Whoodeeni" by De La Soul.

This video was shot in the historic “Beltrani” hall of the Municipal Library of Trani, Apulia (Italy) in February 2018 by Beppe “Deckard” Massara.

Gear and Software setup: Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 audio interface connected via firewire to Mac Book pro (OS Mavericks), Live Ableton controlled by LK Imaginando MATRIX virtual launchpad on Ipad connected via USB/camera, Akai APC mini as additional launch pad and faders volume, Arturia Beatstep ext sync connected via USB sequencing via Midi (through Ableton and Saffire) Korg Volca Keys, Akai Tom Cat Drum Machine sync via additional Midi interface.
Audio signal flow: Korg Volca Keys stereo out to 1 and 2 Saffire inputs, Akai Tom Cat headphones out to 3 and 4 Saffire Inputs. Internal live recording on Ableton.
Preferences audio/midi setup on Ableton: Beatstep output sync delay -18 ms (Volca Keys),
USB midi additional interface sync delay -38 ms (Akai Tom Cat). Audio Buffer 128 samples with – 451 samples compensation

Municipal Library of Trani G. Bovio - description:

The Municipal Library of Trani was founded in 1870, back to the early years of the unification of the Kingdom of Italy, as a consequence of the law that established the confiscation of ecclesiastical buildings and the suprression of some monastic orders, the Central State ceded to the Municipality of Trani the precious library of the ex Dominican Convent.In 1928 the Library was named after Giovanni Bovio, a philosopher and politician from Trani.In July 1949 the Library acquired the Giovanni Beltrani collection, made up of over 10,000 rare and historical units togheter with the original 19th century precious wooden bookshelf inspired by the Renaissance style. The Collection features ancient famous writers (Muratori, Baronio, Winkelmann, Capasso, Ughelli, Camera, etc...) rare books of local history, a rich nucleus of the XVII century Apulian editions, a collection of southern political newspapers of the “Risorgimento”, the Latin epigraphic documentation CORPUS ISCRIPTIONUM LATINARUM, the "Annals of the Archaeological Institute" HISTORIA DIPLOMATICA FEDERICI SECONDI”, numerous encyclopedic works and many writings by Benedetto Croce. Search for titles is available through the old paper file and an excel database.

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