iElectribe Control Template for Elektron Digitakt

YouTuber Particles Into Waves shows off and shares a template for Elektron Digitakt to control the original iElectribe on iPad. For people interested in going the other way, controlling a Digitakt from an iPad, he just posted a tutorial on using touchOSC to do that.

Video Description:

I just created a controller template for Korg’s iElectribe on iPad, an 8-part digital drum synth with FX. This allows the 8 MIDI tracks to individually control and sequence all 8 sounds in the app. Every channel is mapped to edit Pitch, Mod Depth, Mod Speed, Decay, Level, and Pan of each sound, plus there are global controls for the FX, Tube Gain, Accent Volume, and Master Volume embedded in tracks A-C. There are quite a few other CCs available but I felt they were most efficiently accessed from the iPad because a lot of them only respond to 2-8 different values, which would be cumbersome on the Digitakt.

You’ll need some kind of SysEx transfer utility such as C6 for desktop, or SysEx Base for iPad (highly recommended).

Inside the zip you’ll find four files:

iElectribe Init - blank pattern with values centered or zeroed
iElectribe Demo - quick demo pattern using the CCs to create a “virtual patch” and sequence
iElectribe Map - image of the control map for each MIDI channel
Readme - just a note with my PayPal address in case you feel like sending me a donation 😀

Link to download:

Enjoy everyone!

Tiny RobotZ: Bollywood 303

Tiny RobotZ brings us something quite unique in this Bollywood 303 jam on a Volca Sample with Roland TB-3 and TR-09. Here he uses Tabla drum samples on the Volca Sample, while the Rolands do their House thing.

Video Description:

A full set of Tabla drums and hits have been uploaded in the Volca Sample.
Other gear used :
Roland TR-09
Roland Aira TB-3
Akai MPX8
Caline Delay
Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB

Connecting MPC Live & iPhone! Jamming through Ableton Link

YouTuber Accurate Beats has been surprised by how much use he's getting out of his MPC Live with an iPhone, which are sync'd over WIFI with Ableton Link. It does look like a fun minimal setup!

Video Description:

I use the wifi in the MPC Live to sync up to my iPhone through Ableton Link. No midi cables or such. Just a real solid and tight wifi link.

I go through some of the settings and makes two small jams with the iPhone and the MPC Live. First and foremost a proof of concept and secondly a really nice workflow tip. This seems to be very stable as well.

And.... yeah. I tried to push a little extra for my Patreon page and wrote the wrong adress in the video.

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Accurate - Escape from the zoo // Ferm - Jaadu

Move Cut Clone - Sampler Science vol. 1:

Move Cut Clone - Sampler Science vol.2:

Move Cut Clone - Sampler Science Vol.3:

Injecting Oscillators Into The CPU of A Game Boy DMG

The latest musical experiment from LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER includes soldering a wire from an oscillator to the timing crystal that controls the CPU of the original Game Boy. The results are mad, and quite interesting!

Video Description:

So its simple! you solder a wire from the oscillator out straight to one leg of the timing crystal of the gameboy, and you can override that and use the oscillator to clock the gameboys CPU! meaning you can adjust the pitch!

for more info on the precision oscillator board check here :-

There stems of this gameboy jam on my patreon for you to do with what you will! Next week i will be giving this gameboy away on my patreon too!
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Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day :P

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Chauvet BTAir App Tech Talk

British retailer DJkit got a demo of Chauvet's BTAir app. This offers a Bluetooth method of controlling some of Chauvet's stage lights, instead of fucking around with DMX and expensive DMX controllers. The Bluetooth enabled lights are still pricey, but no more so than their USB-based lights.

Video Description:

Product specialist Lee Garrett talks us through the Chauvet BTAir™ App!

More info on the lights here:

COLORband T3 BT -

SlimPAR T12 BT -

SlimPAR Q12 BT -

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