Synth Grid - KIDS

YouTuber Synth Grid has a nice collection of gear to play with on this track with Launchpad.

Video Description:

Synth Grid presents:
KIDS #006

Gear list:
- Moog Sub Phatty
- Novation Circuit
- Apple Ipad Air (Novation Launchpad)
- Boss RE-20
- Behringer Xenyx

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GarageBand Sound Quality Face Off: iRig vs iRig?

Patrick from TheGaragebandGuide bought a knock-off of the already cheap iRig interface for $1. He compares the two with some very surprising results that you can hear for yourself!

Video Description:

In this video I pit IK Multimedia's original iRig against a cheap knock off I bought from Wish .com for $1.

How will they compare.....?

All guitars and bass guitars were recorded in GarageBand for iOS on a 10.5" iPad Pro (with a headphone jack!) using either the official iRig or Wish 'knock off'.

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Preview: Craft Synth 2 - Modal Electronics

Nick Batt at Sonic State got a preview of the next tiny synth from Modal. Craft Synth 2 builds on the success of the original Craft Synth with the addition of 8 oscillators driving this wavetable synth. They're launching this on Kickstarter for £99/$125 if you can get in on the early-bird deal.

Video Description:

We get a first look at the new Craft Synth 2 from Modal Electronics, a monophonic VA wavetable synthesizer with similar styling of the Skulpt. Available on Kickstarter imminently.

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Deidream - Banter (LSDJ,PO-12,PO-33 K.O.!)

YouTuber Audioshit continues to defy his own name with this rather nice Chiptune track.

Video Description:

Live recorder with LSDJ for Gameboy ,
PO-33 K.O.! with Gabba kick and sliced break & other hits
PO-12 Pocket Operator.
No Sync


Keystep Jam - Sequencer & ARP at the same time!

YouTuber ranzee is getting some great sounds out of his modest gear layout, with Arturia's KeyStep!

Video Description:

Using the Arturia KeyStep to play 2 synths at the same time. One with a sequencer and the other live AND playing the Arpeggiator (ARP) - all on the Keystep and all whilst keeping it in tight MIDI clock timing. No other trickery or computers used - see gear listing below. Watch to find out how.

Gear used:
► Behringer Model D
► Roland SH-01A
► Boss DD-500
► Strymon BigSky
► Arturia KeyStep
► Zoom H6 (recording)

Yes, this was a DAWless Jam!

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