Antonio Nardi - Essere Dei Fighi

Antonio Nardi starts off jamming some funky looping with a guitar into Loopy HD... and then breaks out an electric violin in this impressive performance!

Video Description:

Looping practice in my studio. Rig:

- Loopy HD on iPad Air: Looper
- Korg Volca Sample: Drums
- Guitar and Bass lines: Fender Stratocaster custom 1993
- Violin lines: Fender FV3 electric violin
- Board: Crybaby, Boss OC3, MXR EQ and Comp, Boss SD2, Eventide Pitchfactor, Memory Man with Hazarai
- MIDI Controller: Behringer FCB1010
- Interface: Fireface 802 in CC mode with Totalmix routed on the iPad
- Egg: Haight Ashbury Music Center - San Francisco
- Mics: SE Electronics VR2, Rode NT1

Recorded in South East London

Generative Music Jam - Bloom HD | iPad | BS2 | MS70CDR

YouTuber Ambient Addict lives up to his name on this spacey performance on Bloom with a Bass Station 2.

Video Description:

I've been messing around with the Bloom iPad app by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers. It's a fun little generative music app and I was curious about what kind of sounds I could get by routing the audio through my Bass Station 2 and MS-70CDR effects pedal. The results are quite interesting!

Listen to the track on SoundCloud:

Peter Chers - BeatMaker 3 with Hardware Synths

YouTuber Peter Chers did a fingerless-glove jam on BeatMaker 3 with a Moog Mother 32 and Dreadbox Erebus!

Video Description:

Intua BeatMaker 3 is awesome groovebox with Ableton style production workflow.
In addition, it is great for sequencing an external hardware device. Thank you Intua for this App!

Tutorial: Novation Circuit Mono Station - Analog Drum Machine

YouTuber loopop did a tutorial for the brand new Novation Circuit Mono Station, turning this paraphonic synthesizer into a drum machine with parameter locks and other tricks!

Video Description:

With parameter locks and some filter and modulation tricks, the Novation Circuit Mono Station can be a fun analog drum machine.

Here's a link to download the template kit used in this video:

Join me here:

Kickstarter: mPIANO by Jordan Rudess & ALPHA Pianos

Reader Joe alerted me to the next Kickstarter campaign that is sure to end in a fiery death of fail.

Before I lay into this one I want to point out I like Jordan quite a lot. Sure he shills a bunch, but I don't hate a man for his hustle. In my own limited experience with him he's seemed like a super nice guy, and anyone who has talked to him will say the same.

But this pipe dream was literally doomed from day one. No one can deny how stylishly cool the mPIANO looks, but at a staggering €8,000 (USD$9,435) they were only ever going to sell 1... to Jordan. That's exactly what happened in the first day of the campaign where they raised a little over $9,000. Two days later the campaign is now sitting at $10,565... of a $753,625 goal. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?! Imogen Heap couldn't meet half of that for her gloves! And those gloves were an entirely new kind of awesome.

The keyboard has a lot of interesting tech crammed into it. Each of the large keys is basically its own touch screen. They've already released an iOS app for controlling how vertical gestures are translated into MIDI.

It's a shame all that tech comes at such a high price, because there is no way in hell they are going to sell enough of these on Kickstarter to pull it off. It looks like a lot of fun to play in this demo though!

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