Raspberry Pi Looper/Synth/Drum Thing

Reader Otem Rellik built a "Looper/Synth/Drum Thing" out of an inexpensive Raspberry Pi 3, with a funky custom control surface! As you can imagine this project took him quite a while to construct, but holy shit this looks like so much fun!

Video Description:

My first venture into raspberry pi stuff. Running a custom pure data patch I've been working on for a couple years on a Raspberry Pi 3. This project took a couple months and I'm still tweaking stuff here and there but it's pretty much complete, it even survived it's first live show!

014london70 - Deep Techno Session 3

YouTuber 014london70 takes us deep once again with some excellent Deep Techno on apps and gear!

Video Description:

Apps used - Sunrizer Poison 202 Modstep AudioShare . All sequenced from the Circuit.
Recorded into iPhone via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

nthirteen: Ambient Guitar Improv Live Show

YouTuber André Neumann did some amazing stuff with a cello bow and his guitar. André has a table full of additional hardware laid out in front of him, including an iPad running Tonestack.

Video Description:

Last Saturday, April 22nd 2017, I was invited to play a live improv show at the beautiful Klanggerüst in Erfurt. I had just recorded some visuals and a sample in the woods. Turned out pretty good. I played 65 minutes and here are some snippets.

Equipment used
Epiphone SG guitar with cello bow and Fender Jazzmaster, Vocals and teenage engineering op1 into iconnect audio 4 plus with ipad air (audiobus 3, tonestack) and
Elektron Analog Rytm into Elektron Octatrack into sony camera.

Nothing recorded before. 100% improvised.
Thanks for watching. Please share and ask questions in the comments, if you have one...

Jack (Tekno Pirate) - Ambient Acid

YouTuber Jack - Tekno Pirate did a unique 'ambient acid' performance on an Electribe 2 Sampler with Beatstep controlling Ableton Live. This starts off as some mellow acid, but it builds into being almost polyrhythmic with a crescendo of delay feedback.

Video Description:

Jam Ambient - Acid at the Electribe 2 Sampler, Beatstep (midi controller / sequencer for Ableton) and iPad (midi controller for ableton)
The evolution is rather slow and at times the delays sound out of sync but it is Still the beginning for me on the beatstep and on ableton, here, I hope that despite all that you will like!
Good listening!
free download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzDT...

Lien SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacktekno

Peregrine 2183 - Friday Night Retrowave

YouTuber Peregrine 2183 posted this fun "retrowave" performance on a Nord Lead 3 and MiniBrute with DM1.

Video Description:

Nord Lead 3, DM1 (iPad), and Arturia MiniBrute.

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