DYMS - Novation Circuit & Korg Gadget Jam

YouTuber DYMS did a fun jam on his Novation Circuit with Gadget! He includes a disclaimer that he doesn't have a lot of experience with Electronica, but I like his whimsical take on the genre.

Video Description:

I got the Novation about 3 months ago and finally tried recording something. Not so much a performance as just a recording of what I am working on and a proof of concept for a completely portable set-up. As you can tell form the video, lots of indecision!

Portable Set-Up
- Circuit output goes to Yamaha AG06 in on ch. 3/4
- iPad Mini headphone out goes to AG06 in on ch. 5/6
- AG06 USB out goes to old iPad via camera connection kit.
- Stereo out recorded to Ferrite on old iPad

USB & Sync:
- USB out from Circuit goes directly to iPad Mini via camera connection kit
- Sync via midi from Circuit to Korg Gadget

- 15,000 mAh solar battery charger powers the AG06 mixer
- iPads are battery powered
- Novation Circuit battery powered

* Disclaimer. I come from an old indie rock background and have never created much electronic style music. As I have gotten older I have not had much luck forming a new band, so thought I would try something new. I understand that my understanding of electronic style music is limited and my skills are lacking. Advice welcome. Abuse not :)

LogikSlave - Minimal Experiement (Roland TR8 & Animoog)

YouTuber LogikSlave got very minimal in this jam on his Roland TR8 with Animoog!

Video Description:

Experimenting with the Korg Animoog app into the TR8.

Kalkartronic - Electronica Live Jam #22

Kalkartronic did another fun jam on his mobile gear... which is surprisingly mobile in the stop-motion intro!

Video Description:

Live Jam #22 by Kalkartronic: "Machines On Duty".
Instruments: my current basic set-up: Korg Volca Keys, Teenage Engineering PO-12, Waldorf Rocket, Arturia Beatstep, Boom 808 drum app on IPad.
Spontaneous jam. The intention was to just record the stop-motion intro movie with the machines moving on their own. But then as everything was wired and connected again, I decided to give it another try....

Sound recorded with Edirol R-1,
Filmed with Ricoh WG-M1,
Mixed on Phonic MU1202X,
Mastered with T-RackS 3,
Video edited with Perfect Video App and GreenScreen by DoInk.

Thanks for watching! :-)


Electribe 2 vs Sampler: Grey & Blue vs Black & Red

YouTuber loopop did an extremely detailed comparison between all 4 models of the current Electribe family.

Video Description:

Electribe 2 vs Sampler: Grey & Blue vs Black & Red - what's the difference? A detailed analysis including an oscilloscope and spectrum analysis

Zoom Q8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Quick Camera Comparison

Mike Longo from Expanding Sound brings us something different this week. Here he compares the iPhone 7 Plus camera with a Zoom Q8, specifically with regard to how they perform for recording jams. The Zoom has some distinct advantages with its many audio inputs, but the iPhone 7 Plus picture quality looks phenomenal.

Video Description:

I did a quick impromptu synth jam recently, with the goal of comparing the Zoom Q8's camera to the iPhone 7 plus camera. For this jam, I used an Arturia DrumBrute, Korg Minilogue, Arp Odyssey reissue and an Arturia Keystep. I recorded to Multitrack Daw iPad app via my Apogee Quartet, then sent the audio out into the Q8's inputs. The Zoom Q8 camera to me is almost exactly what i want to be; oddly enough the video is the feature that leaves the most to be desired. Its audio options for an artist looking to throw something together quickly are fantastic. But permanent fisheye? The iPhone 7 plus has so many add on options: most are costly but the camera looks great. Heres a quick side by side comparison so you can see whats right for you. Most smart phones these days have such nice cameras, that a standalone audio camera should step up it's game.

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