Tiny RobotZ - Future Loop

YouTuber Tiny RobotZ did some awesome Future House on his Volca Keys with the Roland TB-03 & TR-09

Video Description:

Korg Volca Keys
Roland TB 03
Roland TR 09
Korg Kaoss Pad Mini
Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB

Chris Randall - ambient_04 grey_skies

Developer Chris Randall recorded a performance on his Quanta granular app into a Dictaphone. He also recorded rain hitting a porch roof. He combines these two with a Rhodes recording on a tape loop, and a KOMA Field Kit, on a grey day.

Video Description:

For the third weekend in a row, it is pouring rain. So instead of doing yard work, I did some looping. The Nagra III tape loop is some Rhodes tinkling, running backwards at half the speed. The first Dictaphone has a field recording of rain (of course) on our corrugated metal porch roof, and the second Dictaphone has Audio Damage Quanta being plinked upon. I also mix in the Field Kit built in radio here and there. Everything is running in to the iPad and mixed in AUM, as usual for these sorts of videos.

Kalkartronic - Tiny Table Jam

YouTuber Kalkartronic is joined by a dancing lady for this Tiny Table Jam on Volcas with Patchblocks!

Video Description:

Spontaneous electronica jam
Gear: Korg Volca Keys played via Midi with the Swissonic Keyboard, Korg Volca FM, Patchblocks minijam techdrum, all mixed mono with the .hub mixer and sent thru the Kaosspad mini.
Direct input to Edirol R-1 Recorder, no further processing.
Thanks a lot for watching! Really appreciated. 😊
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ROLI Beatmaker Kit

Yesterday ROLI hyped up a new Beatmaker Kit that I was embargoed from talking about. Today ROLI disappointed me with the actual release of the Beatmaker Kit. This is a $300 bundle with the Lightpad Block M and a Loop Block. That is $25 more than if you were to buy those bits individually on Amazon.

If you do purchase the Kit at its premium price you also get a 6 month subscription to learning site Melodics, which has some integration with the kit.

Here's a video from the official ROLI YouTube channel, with Marcus Veltri talking about learning to finger drum.

Video Description:

Learn more about Beatmaker Kit: https://roli.com/products/blocks/beat...
Follow Marcus Veltri's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXBc...
Learn more about Melodics: https://www.melodics.com/

Self-taught pianist Marcus Veltri explains how the Beatmaker Kit and Melodics helped him learn finger drumming so he could add better beats to his tracks.

Beatmaker Kit comes with a free 6-month Melodics subscription — and a custom integration that makes it simple to plug in and play.

Explore hundreds of interactive lessons designed to improve your skills in Melodics. Begin with the basics or challenge yourself to play complex patterns.

König - Pull of gravity

YouTuber König produced some Hard Techno on his Electribe ESX-1 with iSEM!

Video Description:

Quick live performance of new track made using the korg electribe esx1 and iPad running Arturia iSem synth.

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