Kaossilator Pro Synced to iKaossilator on iPhone

YouTuber Otonic jammed out hard with the iKaossilator app on his iPhone, and a Kaossilator Pro!

Video Description:

Looping on Korg Kaossilator, Ableton Live, and iPhone iKaossilator app.

Elektron Digitone - Using Class Compliant USB MIDI & Audio

Elektron Video Klub posted this fun jam with his Elektron Digitone connected to an iPad running Koala Sampler. Koala is providing the drums, which the Digitone is sequencing via its class-compliant USB interface.

Video Description:

Elektron Digitone is handling the melodic and bass parts of the performance, with a few percussive elements thrown in as sound locks. But the main drum and percussion parts are coming from an iOS and Android app called Koala. Digitone is controlling and sequencing the Koala App on an iPad with a USB to lightning adapter. The audio from Koala is being sent back via USB Audio and mixed in with the Digitone.

Throughout the video, FX are being manipulated manually in Koala using the iPad App. When new sounds are introduced with Koala, a screen recording will come up to show how the Digitone's internal midi tracks are sequencing Koala.

Christopher Kah: Session XL - Roland TR-6S

YouTuber Christopher Kah jams out hard on the Roland TR-6S. I noticed that DJ TechTools has a great Black Friday deal going on right now. You have to add it to your cart to see it, but they're selling these for $340, which is $60 below retail for this newly released Roland drum machine!

Video Description:

Straight to the point ! this is what I like in a machine !
« Do the Max. with the Min.» #LIMITEDRESOURCE

➤ Roland TR-6S : https://amzn.to/395SChF



DIY Arduino MIDI Sequencer - Test #1

YouTuber YMNK has constructed a 4-channel DIY MIDI sequencer with an Arduino. Here he's using his invention to sequence two Volcas, a Moog Sirin, and a Roland JX-03, all from a single MIDI keyboard input.

Video Description:

I started to design and build this midi sequencer few weeks ago.
It's a four channel MIDI sequencer that works with 32 steps (I plan to increase it to 64).

In this video the keyboard is connected to the input of the sequencer and the output is connected to a Volca Bass, a Volca Keys, a Moog Sirin and a Roland JX03.

I use the iPad just to process effects on the synths (using BLEASS Delay, BLEASS Reverb, BLEASS Shimmer and BLEASS Compressor as a limiter on the main output).

I will provide schematics and code in further weeks.

Listen to my first album here :

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iCON Pro Audio: Duo Live Interfaces

Manufacturer iCON Pro Audio has released a couple of audio interfaces designed to bridge between mobile devices and desktop computers. You can actually connect to both simultaneously!

The Duo22 Live is a two-input/two-output USB interface for $110 on Amazon, while the Duo44 Live bumps that up to four-in/four-out for $170.

Both units connect to a computer using a standard USB 2.0 cable. At the same time they can also be connected to a mobile device using USB-C! If you don't have an appropriate USB-C device or adapter, you can also connect with a TRRS cable.

The Duo44 also adds MIDI ports to the deal.

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