Nathan D Farrell - Miles From Home

YouTuber Nathan D Farrell has some great textures going on in this OP-Z jam.

Video Description:

Short beat using some chill textures. All sounds straight out of the op-z. Mixed and recorded in AUM on the iPad Pro.

MikeZawSynth - Techno Galaxy

YouTuber MikeZawSynth got a great sound out of the tiny Roland MC-101 as he takes us to Techno Galaxy.

Video Description:

And here´s another little Roland MC-101 video for you!

Gear used:
Roland MC-101
Zoom H5 (SD card recording)
Audacity (audi edit)
Filmora Wondershare 9 (video edit)
iPhone 11pro (video)


Electronisounds: Digitakt - Expand your setup with Beatmaker 3!

Dean from Electronisounds did a detailed tutorial for Digitakt owners looking to incorporate BM3.

Video Description:

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"DIGITAKT - Expand Your Setup With an iPad and Beatmaker 3!"

I'm showing *exactly* how to connect an Elektron Digitakt to an iPad so we can sync it with the iPad and send MIDI into the iPad to an app such as Beatmaker 3.
The options are pretty much limitless as to how you could use these 2 devices together.
This is *one* really great option of how you could use them together.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

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Teensy DIY MIDI Controller Jam - Model D & Fugue Machine

YouTuber maasijam made an amazing DIY Model D MIDI controller using Teensy! He plans to share all the code you'll need to create your own! Here Fugue Machine sequences Model D, while he twiddles knobs!

Video Description:

Jamming with my Teensy based Model D App Midi Controller.
Model D sequenced by Fugue Machine.

BOM, Gerbers and Teensy code will follow. I plan to create a website where you can download all the needed files for the controller.


Alex Fain - Volca & UNO Synth Techno Jam

YouTuber Alex Fain did a fun techno jam on his Volcas with an UNO.

Video Description:

Techno jam using
Volca Beats
Volca Keys
Volca Sample
Volca Bass
Uno Synth
Recoded on IPad using UR22 Steinberg audio unit usb
Hope you like it !

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