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Respiro for Mac/Windows is FANTASTIC!!

I noticed @Enkerli over on the Respiro forum, so I thought I'd pop over here to give a shout out to Rudy Verpaele, Imoxplus, and the wonderful Respiro software instrument.

Full disclosure, I am wrapping up writing the manual for an upcoming release version. But to be clear, this software is really expressive and gorgeous sounding, and this developer is an absolute jedi master, software genius. He's this humble sweetheart, great communication, and he's making this software for all the right reasons-- he's obsessed with making an expressive tool for new sounds.
Thanks for the info on the app! The dev having iOS version somewhere in his roadmap! The app sounds decent.

Version 1.2.7 (along with the new manual) has been officially released.


Yes, I saw that he was considering a possible iOS version. But that might be a risky proposition. Respiro is amazingly deep. As such, it has a learning curve, requires some careful setup to get the most out of it, and probably won't be that interesting without some CC. So there might be mixed reviews based on dabblers not digging in, and the developer might get slammed with support issues that are related to non-manual-readers, or people not understanding what they bought.

He's currently developing an impressive breath controller called Photon. And as that moves along, I think an iOS config software for that would be great.
August 10, 2020  | favorite_border stub
On July 24, 2020 - @stub said:
I noticed @Enkerli over on the Respiro forum, so I thought I'd pop over here to give a shout out to Rudy Verpaele, Imoxplus, and the wonderful Respiro software instrument.

Ha! You did catch my attention, though not through the mention… ;-)

Yes, I’ve been quite pleased with Respiro as a windcontroller and MPE player.
To my mind, it’s part of something of a “revival” for Physical Modelling. Respiro is decidedly in the part of the PM world which is about flexibility and expressiveness as opposed to emulation/imitation. The thrust of my initial comments was about embracing this difference (which explains the whole thing about naming patches). Over the years, people have been talking about the fact that there isn’t any “new sound” to be invented or found. This approach to PM challenges that claim. Not that the waveforms produced are new but the sounds are indeed going in a new direction, especially in terms of what you can do with them.

At times, I tend to focus on my AUv3 setup. We have very few Physical Modelling plugins. The “depth” is probably part of the issue, especially in terms of GUI. I was able to beta-test some AUv3 plugins from a desktop-focused dev, recently. Let me just say that the transition to a mobile GUI would have afforded some rethinking.
Still, I want all the PM engines to come to iPadOS. It’d be just incredible if Yamaha could, somehow, port its VL engine to iPadOS. (One can dream.) If this were to happen, Respiro would be the missing piece of the puzzle.
AAS could also make a significant impact. moForte is already focused on our beloved platform, with GeoShred. In some ways, their wealth of expertise in PM is unparalleled. And they’re bringing the SWAM Engine to their flagship app, albeit in a very constrained way.

Thing about PM is that it requires a pretty deep integration with other parts of the “performance setup”, including the controller and performer. Rudy made sure to limit the number of things one can tweak in a patch as PM rapidly becomes messy if you have to program it yourself. Yet, the key to proper PM performance is in the rest of the equation: you need to learn how to play any given patch and you need to link all sorts of parameters to appropriate controls (such as breath and lip pressure on a windcontroller).
I know you react strongly when I “wax academic”, @stub. So I won’t go on a whole tangent on the concept of “assemblage” in Science & Technology Studies.

I’ll just end by saying: the best is yet to come.
I wrote a few sections in the manual describing that challenge of PM being sensitive to wonky behavior if under-the-hood parameters aren't kept in a workable range, as well as the importance of setting up your main pressure CC. Hopefully, it will help more people have a positive experience with the learning curve.
August 10, 2020  | favorite_border stub

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