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Native Instruments drops support/authorization

Just saw a post over on Synthtopia about how NI is going to drop support for some older VI's and sample libraries.

On one hand, for them to drop support makes some sense. Most of the software is pretty long in the tooth. But what chaps my hide is the part where they are preventing new authorizations on new machines.

So if you have a library or VI on their long list (even Reaktor 5 is on the chopping block!!!) after May 31, 2020, you can't re-authorize any of them on a replacement computer-- regardless of what OS is installed.

There's been some talk about what NI could do to help out with users who will be hosed by this situation.

1. Could they release some kind of different licensing option for older titles?
2. Could they release the old software as shareware/freeware?
3. Could they change their policy and provide some path to authorization for older OS/machines.

It feels a little futile. I'm going to try to install all my NI software on an older MBP I just revived. Feels a little like I'm being forced into it.

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