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MOTU M4 Audio/MIDI interface for iOS

I had recently bought a Presonus interface, but decided to switch to the MOTU M4,. I like the MOTU company generally, and was attracted to the claims of lower latency and excellent audio specs.

Sadly, I still can't get the M4 to power up with my Gen 6 iPad connected (along with charger) to CCK.

Working with support right now to try to suss out why it doesn't power up. Troubleshooting has being going along step by step, but now I just have to wait.

I don't think this is a wide-spread issue, as I've not seen any other mention of it online.

It does power on when I connect it to my MBP and it sounds great. The meters are great!
December 23, 2019  | favorite_border stub
It turns out the issue is just that the M4 draws too much power and won't turn on from what is supplied by the charger when the current is shared by the charging iPad. The M4 will power on connected directly to the charger, but if I use the CCK (it's not called that anymore), the one with the charge-thru port, the M4 won't turn on.

The solution is that I have to use a powered hub that supplies 2.4 A on each port. The M4 goes to a data port, and the iPad gets charged from the powered hub charge ports or it's own charger.

The frustrating part was that I bought a charger, that didn't work, then I bought a powered hub, that did work. Oooph. Not enough of a mention of this possibility in the System Requirements.

Anyway, it works now though.
January 24, 2020  | favorite_border stub
Thanks for the info. I immediately thought, "he needs a powered hub", but a 2.4A per port requirement seems surprisingly much! I wonder if that's a common amount, or if many available hubs would be inadequate. (I obviously haven't spec'd hubs recently.)
January 24, 2020  | person Roikat
I didn't have any trouble finding a recent USB 3 hub with that level of power on the ports. Perhaps that is more common now.

I'm not even sure the M4 requires the full 2.4 A. It's possible that the iPad just sees the device that draws some level of amperage and says "fuck you" (to me, not the device) and refuses to send it anything. (I don't really know how that CCK works).
February 11, 2020  | favorite_border stub

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