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iOS 10 Is it ok to install ..question-mark

I'm still on OS 9, and have hesitated to update to iOS 10. I've become OS-update-averse since I've lost functionality of apps and Apple has in asshole fashion prevented reverting to a previous OS version.

Tim: not being able to use a question mark in the subject line really imposes a limit on the meanings.
January 30, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Hmmm.. I think I intentionally prevented that due to a possible security vulnerability. But it was a pretty minor possibility. I'll remove that restriction tomorrow!

As for updating. I really like iOS 10's notifications, but other than that I don't think there is a lot of need to update yet. There really isn't much of a difference at all between 9 and 10, so only my phone is on 10 right now.
I only updated last week. In the past I used to rush to update but I have held off with 10. I was on 935. However.. I finally updated last week. No issues so far and I checked for feedback on the subject at an iOS music facebook group. Consensus is that 10 is fine.
Had no problems with iOS 10.2.1 so far (other than the reviews section not working in Apple ID, but it didn't work in 9 either from what I remember)! Anyway I contacted Apple about that and they spent weeks getting an engineer to do absolutely nothing about it, so that was worth the effort! Well for me at least, 8 was terrible, 9 was much better, and 10 has been great to date! I always just update to the latest, I know people are cautious about it, but I usually just see what happens, and nothing's been unusable thus far (but most of the software I use is pretty recent) so usually any issues are patched pretty quickly by developers (or Apple if you're really lucky)! It is really naughty about not being able to roll the OS back, it's certainly not much of an incentive by Apple! I do a lot of GFX work with the Apple Pencil since upgrading to an iPad Pro 9.7" so I always want to make sure I have the latest release of the OS to benefit from any performance improvements etc. I guess it's down to whether you use many apps that haven't been updated by developers in a long time, if you do then it's definitely more of a risk and I can understand why you're hesitant! Hope this helps!
January 30, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten
Anyone here has any comments on the dreadfull rotation bug haunting Air 2 owners on IOS 10?
That is, Air 2's getting stuck in an orientation, needing a restart to get unstuck.
January 30, 2017  | person_outline Jensen
There are a few apps I use that don't get updated very often, so yea, I guess we'd need a list of apps broken with iOS 10-- A google sheet could show a list of Apps down the left column, then each iOS version and dot-version, and some quick indicators like a scale of 0-4 where
0 = won't launch or crashes after launch
1= launches but non-functional
2= has some functionality
3= mostly works
4= perfectly fine

We could have a 32/64 bit column for each iOS version. We could also have a little list of ratings for mixed experiences:

0 : 12 user
3 : 2 users
4: 1 user

January 30, 2017  | favorite_border stub

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