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GUI Size, Fonts, and Human Eyes

LaGrange initially struck me as a tiny and crowded user interface. But I found a "sort-of" solution:

Go buy Moog Music's Minimoog Model D, use that for a few minutes. Now go back the LaGrange and it'll seem huge.

Seriously, WTF, Moog Music?!

First of all, there's quite a bit of wasted space on the GUI, second, they crammed it all onto one page, third, the controls and labels are all in the tiniest font size imaginable (probably the equivalent to a 3 or 4 point font), and lastly, there's no "info" to show you the value as you turn a knob.

Fortunately, there is MIDI control capability, which would help if someone wanted to make something actually usable in a live setting.

I want to reach out to Moog Music and say something. But on some level, I feel like I shouldn't have to. This is kind of mind-boggling.

I know I'm getting a little crusty and "get off my lawn" is all that some of you may be hearing. But surely I'm no alone here?
November 29, 2019  | favorite_border stub
"edit" button not working. "Surely I'm NOT alone?"
November 29, 2019  | favorite_border stub

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