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Discrepancies in number of comments and dates

I'm seeing a discrepancy in the number of comments that is listed in the Forum main page and the actual comments that I see when I enter some posts. For instance, in the section "Music App Guide" I see a list for Audulus 3 with 6 comments and a date of May 16 2017. When I go to look at the actual comments I can only see 3 and the latest one is from October 2016.

In General Chat there's a post titled "Alright you got a forum". Next to it I see the number 23 and a date of January 1 2017. When I go to read the comments I can only see 11 comments and the last one is from November 2016.
The discrepancy is spam. It is staggering how many spam attempts hit the site every single hour of every single day. There were some design limitations that meant I had to count the spam comments in the post's latest comment counter, to keep everything lined up.

For background, the site thinks there are two kinds of spam. Hard Spam, and Soft Spam.

Soft Spam is when an IP shows up for the first time and immediately comments. This could be legitimate reader behavior, but it is just as likely to be a spammer. So these Soft Spam comments are saved in a moderation queue.

Hard Spam is when a comment violates multiple anti-spam measures. These get shit canned and I never even see them. No one sees them. They basically never exist, except they are stored in a special sub-database where I'm collecting spam. I have plans to explore A.I./Machine Learning in the near future, so I'm collecting examples of spam to train it on.

I'll see if I can revisit all of that, and hopefully make the latest comment thing more meaningful.
Oh I know spam! On a website I run with Wordpress I had to install Akismet to keep the garbage in check.

I'm checking Discchord early today and the first thing that stands out is a post under App Talk called Document Writer for Microsoft Office 😳
Yeah, some still gets through, but that's the rare exception where a human had to do that. He wasted his time more than mine!

BTW, the next time anyone see's any spam, please use the report function. Every comment and post has the ! in a triangle. That lets you report spam to me, and I get a little notification about it.
@Be The Noise: Alright, the post counts and Latest Comment dates should be correct going forward! I spent some time working on that today. There is a lot of under the hood processes involved, because there are basically 4 states a comment can be in:

Visible (Normal)
Invisible (automatically - the Site thinks it is suspiciously spam-like)
Invisible (manual - it broke the rules or wasn't worthwhile so I killed it)
Spam (without a shadow of a doubt the system is certain that it is spam)

Now no matter what state a comment is in, or how it may change states, the correct count should be shown!
Awesome job Tim! You put a lot of work into making your site! I appreciate that.

I like the report function. I'll use it if I see spam.

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