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Creative Sound Blaster K3+, Any thoughts?

Let me start off by saying that for the better or for the worse, I have been a HUGE fanboy of Creative and their Sound Blaster branded products for almost as long as I could remember. On that note, I do enjoy browsing through their online shop every so often, especially around sale-time. Whether I make a purchase or not, they seem to have not lost their decades-old trend of releasing some pretty cool and innovative products. One may agree with me or not, but I am a big fan of their headphones, but that’s getting off topic before even beginning.

I am curious, who out there has tried the Creative Sound Blaster K3+ USB-Powered Recording and Streaming Mixer with Sound Effects Processing and Soundboard (https://us.creative.com/p/sound-cards/sound-blaster-k3-plus)?

For the sale price of $99 USD, it really doesn’t seem like a bad little gadget, at least at first, before reading all of the details and fine print on the product.

First, for podcasting or voice, I can see the 24 bit, 48 kHz recording quality being justified. I really wouldn’t expect a whole hell of a lot more for a hundred bucks, however the features that Creative says that it brings to the table are downright phenomenal for the price. Built-in reverb and effects, auto-tune, basic mixing, 48v ghost power, the ability to daisy chain multiple units, the list seems to go on and on.

Now, the website (link above) states:


With no driver installation necessary, connectivity to PCs and Macs is incredibly simple via USB.
The Sound Blaster K3+ can also be connected using a 4-pole 3.5mm audio jack, giving users full control when using streaming and recording apps on their smartphones or tablets.

So, from that I gather that it will connect just fine to a Mac or PC, even sans driver, but what the hell does the second-half of the above mean, you know the part that says it ”can also be connected using a 4-pole 3.5mm audio jack, giving users full control when using streaming and recording apps on their smartphones or tablets”??? Is it even a USB Class Compliant device?

From what I am gathering, the answer is NO. The Creative Sound Blaster K3+ will NOT simply work with an iOS or Android device via a simple USB connection, but rather needs to be hooked-up with an analog audio cable terminating in a 4-pole 3.5mm audio jack, or am I completely wrong here? The problem is that the more I delve into the nuances of this device, the more obscure this answer becomes.

So, I am turning to you, hoping that somebody has actually tried it, or has some knowledge on this device. These days, I am almost afraid to get a wrong answer from “Technical Support” at even the ‘most respected’ of companies as it’s being farmed-out even further-and-further away from civilization on a near daily basis. If you have tried this device, please share the following:

🎶 Is it USB Class Compliant? Can I simply plug it into the camera connector on an iOS device and be off?

🎶 Is it a solid piece of hardware?

🎶 Would you recommend it?

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help a brother out! 👍



~ Jay ✌️❤️
I'd be wary of anything from Creative. I get the nostalgia, believe me, but their gear can be a nightmare when you try to make it do anything beyond gaming. Especially if you're on Windows. This doesn't seem to have ASIO support, so you're going to have to use ASIO4ALL if you want to get it running on any desktop DAW... and ASIO4ALL will make you hate life.

I have no idea how iOS would react to it.

That’s great advice! Many thanks for the pearls of wisdom!

Interestingly enough, I either have had a great experience or quite the opposite when it comes to most anything manufactured by Creative! They used to be awesome! However, over the last few years I have seen their level of quality greatly diminish, even with their gaming hardware.

Their Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 Gaming Keyboard (https://us.creative.com/p/peripherals/sound-blasterx-vanguard-k08) looks gorgeous, but had less than lackluster reviews! It’s no longer in production, and think that it may have been only for a couple of years to begin with. 😢👎 I personally opted for Corsair’s K68 RGB with Cherry Red switches (https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/k68-config-na/p/CH-9102010-NA) and after two-or-so-years have NOT regretted the purchase! 😃👍

On the flip side, their Sound BlasterX Siege M04 Gaming Mouse (https://us.creative.com/p/archived-products/sound-blasterx-siege-m04) has worked wonderfully for me. I have NOT had a single problem, though its driver (like most drivers Creative releases) goes very heavy on my system’s resources!!!

Regarding their gaming headsets, I have been particularly pleased as their Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition (https://us.creative.com/p/gaming-headsets/sound-blasterx-h7-tournament-edition) has evolved into one of my all-time favorite Headsets, even for music! 🎵

As for Creative’s other headsets, well, that’s where it ends as I’ve purchased a variety of sub $100 headsets of various varieties, and over the last five-or-so-years have experienced about a 50% FAILURE RATE (Yeah! WTF is right!!!) 🤬👎👎

With such a wide variety of experiences from a single manufacturer, it is no wonder why I get so nervous now before making any new purchases from them unless I am intimately familiar with that specific product, or have sound advice (read: Yup. Pun very much intended. 👍) from a trusted source (Yes! I consider discchord.com a trusted source. No! I am not kissing ass. 😂) So, I naturally turned to the forum when I saw the sale as I’ve had my eye on this item for some time now, thinking that it would be ideal for podcasting and similar tasks.

The current abysmal failure rate seems way too high to be a mere coincidence! I am actually starting to wonder if Creative is outsourcing their manufacturing to the lowest bidder. 🤔

I am certainly a bit disappointed as this looked like a fairly promising gizmo for voice work, but as they say: You live. You learn.


~ Jay ✌️❤️

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