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Alright you got a forum.

I resisted it for years, partly because I didn't want to moderate one, and mostly because I assumed no one was going to use it. Prove me wrong!
I suppose I should ask if there is anything I can do to make the forum more useful.

So far it's going as expected... ;)
I was thinking that maybe you should make a post about how the AppStore purchase links work. There are plenty of newbies around that may not know, and actually I'm not too sure if I understand it myself. If I click one of your app links here on Discchord.com and make that purchase, then you get some credit/commission, but what if I purchase a different app while I'm at the store, would you get credit for that?
Hi there

Anyone have any uptodate info on drum session, thought it was out last week!
November 29, 2016  | person_outline Charlie
I don't think I'm allowed to give too many details. But I got a preview version a couple of weeks ago, and was told there is more they want to add for release.
Thanks Tim
November 29, 2016  | person_outline Charlie
Some news on the Drum Session front.... they just Tweeted this:
Tim any news on the iPad Pro 2? Our only hardware creed? Get an iPad and join the club! Heheheh
November 30, 2016  | mood_bad psysword
There is a rumor that we'll see something in March. But as Apple Rumors go, this one doesn't seem as certain as others we hear.
We get a forum, but I cannot use a dash in the name that I have used all over the forums, for years?
November 30, 2016  | person_outline elbo
I'm so sorry, el-bo! I thought I fixed that on the first day...

I just double-checked. There were three places it needed to change, and I only changed two of them. I found the errant dash-checker and removed it.

You should be able to comment, and register, as el-bo without problem now! You might need to refresh the site a few times to load in the new JavaScript that was blocking it. Let me know if it happens again.

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