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Rheyne: MIDI Fighter 3D and Modular Synths

YouTuber Rheyne used to be featured here regularly before he was consumed by his Eurorack modular setup. His style has always been a groovy kind of mellow that I dig, and I greatly enjoyed this one. He's bringing some performance to the performance, with a MIDI Fighter 3D. There's a companion video that explains this setup.

Video Description:

A jam with a modular synth controlled by a DJ Techtools MIDI Fighter 3D, with a Hexinverter Mutant Brain used as a MIDI to CV converter. The performance was recorded in one take with no overdubs.

Routine Breakdown: https://youtu.be/yMCgjU1gJKk

Facebook http://facebook.com/rheynemusic
Instagram http://instagram.com/rheynemusic
Bandcamp http://rheyne.bandcamp.com
SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/rheyne
Twitter http://twitter.com/rheynemusic

September 07, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
The world of synthesis is full of rabbit holes. We were all once wided eyed and innocent playing with our first subtractive synths. We learned about filters not realizing in just a few years we would be that guy at the party just itching to tell someone what a sufficiently powerful additive synth could do. “You see!!? It is all sine waves! You can make any sound out of just sine waves!!” Those are the words we yell as we are escorted off the premises, again.

Still, even in a world of rabbit holes, there seems to be no hole deeper than Eurorack modular units. Everyone starts with a modest setup. Just a couple of OSCs, a VCF, a VCA. Then next thing you know you have sunk 50k into the thing and you are trying to figure out where you will stick your 5th non-Euclidien sequencer module.

Eurorack: not even once.
September 08, 2020  | person_outline DulceVita
On September 08, 2020 - @DulceVita said:
Eurorack: not even once.

Man that's funny, but it is also a little too true. That shit is like meth.

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