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Belibat - IDM/Glitchy Live Jam

Reader Belibat takes us on a journey in this live performance. Things start of like lively ambient, but quickly progress into trippy IDM. He's also produced a couple of tutorials for a couple of his techniques. The first video demonstrates his drum transitions, while the second shows off how he makes use of his expression pedal.

Video Description:

Hey folks!
In this jam i took advantage of various random elements, to create the soundscape and to give that unpredictability, typical of IDM.
Everything that is not randomly generated is played or sequenced live.

There are three musical phases in this performance: an introduction with ambient sounds made by the Rocket and the Minilogue XD, a drum and bass break, and a moody ending with some lo-fi chords and glitchy drum fills.

Here are some info about the setup:
The Roland TR-8s plays the kick drum and a lot percussive elements made by itself with the Random Pattern feature.
The Snare and the Hihat come from Patterning 2 app on my iPad, along with other ambient sounds, partially randomized using the Probability features of this awesome app.

The Minibrute is for the overdriven bass while the Minilogue XD plays some spooky arpeggiated bells in the beginning and a beautiful, slightly detuned, pad in the ending. Both these sound are achieved using and tweaking two stock presets. Ask me if you want to know the numbers, i can’t remember right now ;)

The Waldorf Rocket is used to play some random notes, thanks to a midi effect rack i created in Ableton Live. It is drowned in some lush Echoboy space delay, as you can hear.

Finally, i used a very nice free app on my iPhone, to create random glitches. The app is called var:breaker and it makes some nice visuals too!

As usual there are two expression pedals is used to control the Minilogue XD cutoff, a noise sweep, and the dry/wet parameter of a special Effect Rack i created in Ableton to create glitches on the drums bus.
If someone would like this effect rack, and the midi effect rack i wrote earlier, just ask me in the comments and I'll provide.

You can check out how i setup and use my expression pedals in this tutorial: https://youtu.be/ohIf7UK0pGU

Ableton Live is used as a master clock, as a midi sequencer and for effects.
All audio tracks are passed through an Mbox Pro 3 soundcard or using usb audio, and then recorded in Ableton.

Effects are mostly Ableton stock plus Soundtoys and Native Instruments plugins.

Video is a continuous take from two cameras (an iPhone and an iPad).

March 10, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb

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