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Ranzee: Volca FM Firmware 1.09 Unofficial

YouTuber Ranzee shows off an unofficial Volca FM firmware that adds support for live editing of parameters via MIDI SysEx. In this example he's using the desktop version of Dexed. I don't have a Volca FM to test this out, but from looking at the features of the iOS version I believe it would also work.

Video Description:

There's a new unofficial firmware update from Paten via Reddit - it's for the Volca FM and version 1.09! Let's check out the new features:

- Sending Sysex from DEXED using it as a front end to sound design
- Fixes for the program change feature

Download link is on my website:


Credit goes to the firmware author: Paten via reddit:

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February 18, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb

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