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The Strangest Most Frustrating Music Machine of the 90's

YouTuber LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER is quickly aging out of this character. He's also found an intriguing piece of music making technology from the 90's. You too can pick up Roland's PMA-5 relatively cheaply on eBay.

Video Description:

TBH it is pretty awesome! The Weirdest midi synthesizer sequencer of the 1990's its oddness needed a video!
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Always looking for old gear! to mod or conserve in the "museum of everything else" one day

January 30, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
The PMA-5 is the gear I was tempted to sell one time. But then thought of how unique it was! :D lol
Gotta keep it with my qy-70
January 30, 2020  | person senhorlampada
God I hate that interface. Usability was still mostly an afterthought back then and it shows.
January 30, 2020  | person_outline Erik Ooms
[Tim Edit: This is my fault. I broke rule 2 and I don't blame you for doing likewise. But let's try not to break it any more.]
Rule 2: Don't shit on other readers or the people featured in articles.

I tried to skirt this rule today, and I feel like that may have been a mistake. When I was watching the video my biggest takeaway was, "Wow, you aren't pulling this character off anymore." I wanted to include some mention of this impression, because I try to inject some of my personality into the posts. My personality includes being a bit of an asshole.

No matter how he represents himself, he is working damned hard to provide a lot of free (and quite often interesting) content to the community. We should not shit on him.
On January 30, 2020 - @Tim Webb said:
When I was watching the video my biggest takeaway was, "Wow, you aren't pulling this character off anymore."
There are ways to say this that he would probably agree with. Can’t remember who interviewed him, not too long ago (Darwin Grosse?). He’s obvious doing more than just a shtick.
I want to know where he gets an endless supply of cash from.
January 31, 2020  | person burnalot
I had a pma5 for a while ,.used it a for a time but it was truly ultimately frustrating to be do anything more than simple chord sequences, thank God for the iPad
January 31, 2020  | person bcomnes
Sam (Look Mum No Computer) irritated me the first time I saw a video by him, so I kind of avoided his videos. Then something he posted got my attention again and I gave him another chance. I’m glad I did. While I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t be comfortable trying to work with him (I don’t get on well with hyper and loud people, especially those who are rough with their tools), I have now seen enough of him to recognize the real humanity behind the hyperbolic version of himself he portrays as a YouTube personality.

He’s clearly a very clever and thoughtful person, who has sadly labored under insecurity that was probably driven into him by being mistreated for not fitting into the standards of school and culture. He thinks (so he says) that he has a “bad brain” and “can’t do maths”, but everything he does proves otherwise. He’s definitely musical, definitely very interested in music tech, etc., and he seems to have a very socially-positive attitude about sharing and interacting. One of my favorite moments was video of live events where he was trying to engage audiences in a fun and mildly educational manner. Had I not already been won over by that point, this would’ve done it.

He has gotten lucky with the YouTube thing. He has fans who support him on Patreon, letting him do crazy (but also totally interesting, if you like synths and tech) projects. I think this is great. I envy it, seeing all the fun stuff he gets to play with, but I sure don’t feel any bitterness about it and wouldn’t want to take anything away from him. I literally cannot do the things he does. To me, he’s earned that fandom and support.

I went from being irritated by, to now actively admiring Sam Battle. He’s not just a character. Watch the TEDx talk he did. That’s a real human being there, with his all his enthusiasm and flaws all open and exposed, trying to engender in others the same fascination and sense of fun he feels about synths, electronics, and music.

Oh, and the doorway for me to decide he was someone I should give another chance? His music video “Human Procrastination”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M47dXmZUnBc If you care about the subject (not just procrastination itself, but what humanity is doing with its dangerously lazy environmental procrastination), you might like his effort at a song and video about it.
February 02, 2020  | person dysamoria
I really enjoy what Sam does, and his enthusiasm for it. I was a mixture of Sam and Hainbach when I was a kid, making DIY gear, circuit bending, and running tape loops all over the house, and very excited about it, but since it was a bit before the internet and out in the boondocks, literally nobody was interested in what I was doing. Eventually I gave up on the DIY aspect, but in retrospect learned a lot from it. I'm glad for these guys that they can find an audience for what they're doing, and hope they keep it up and continue to be successful.
February 02, 2020  | person Roikat

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