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Unofficial Volca FM Firmware 1.08

YouTuber ranzee shows off an unofficial firmware patch for the Volca FM. You can read more about it and grab it from this Reddit thread. The video here covers the major changes, including a fix for velocity. There is a follow-up video showing the update procedure; including update failures.

Video Description:

A new unofficial firmware has emerged which has fixed a number of major issues on the Volca FM. These issues are critical fixes that Korg have missed. The video covers the firmware features and fixes.

I'm not the original author of this firmware (written by Pajen). If you perform this update, it is done at your own risk. You can also revert back to an official Korg firmware.

Summary of features and fixes:

New features:
Global setting 9 : enable/disable velocity on MIDI notes IN
Global setting 10: Yamaha compatability/Korg proprietary single patch import/export
Global setting 11: Patch change notes on/off

* CC 1 : (Mod wheel) assignable via CC 91, defaults to Pitch Mod Depth
* CC 85: Chorus on/off. value -64 off, value +64 on.
* CC 86: Chorus stereo width, 64 is default
* CC 87: Chorus speed, 64 is default
* CC 88: Load patch, value 0-4: patch 1, 5-8: patch 2 etc up to 127
* CC 89: Load pattern, value 0-8: pattern 1, 9-16: pattern 2 etc up to 127
* CC 90: Tempo divisor, value 0-31: 1/1, 32-63: 1/2, 64-95: 1/4, 96-127: 1/8 (!)
* CC 91: Mod wheel mapping: decides what MIDI CC mod wheel should map to. Example: value 42 sent on CC 91 - Mod wheel now controls Modulator Attack

LFO fixes:
S&H 256x scale error
S&H update logic error
LFO sign error (saw up/down, square polarity)
added filtering to remove digital pop on discontinuous LFO

Link to the Reddit post (download link inside):

Link to the firmware update procedure video:

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October 25, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
I didn’t realize this was possible for savvy users to “fix”. Imagine if every abandoned product was left open to the users to keep maintaining...
October 27, 2019  | person dysamoria
On October 27, 2019 - @dysamoria said:
I didn’t realize this was possible for savvy users to “fix”. Imagine if every abandoned product was left open to the users to keep maintaining...

Yeah, I need to look into this some more. I wonder if the Volca Bass can also be updated. It has always bothered me that there is no volume control for the individual oscillators. I would use it way more often if there were a way to make sure one oscillator isn't drowning the others.
Apparently there's a Volca Sample firmware being tested. Curious to see what they can do with that.
October 28, 2019  | person Bob

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