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Dave Lakes & The World Of Tomorrow - Family Farms

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this surreal video from modularman. It starts off with some cheesy banjo, before becoming synthy and ominous. This is a really fun find! Note that the thumbnail is not Eric Idle in drag.

Video Description:

Don't let the banjo intro fool you, this turns into a full blown synth-fest pretty quickly! Features the Roland System 8, Dave Smith Instruments Tetra, Bebot, Yamaha MX 49, Roger Linn Adrenalinn III, and others.

July 11, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
I expected Michael Palin and Terry Jones making an entrance in traditional nun habits...nevertheless I'm strangely drawn to this...thanks Tim - this video is a treasure I would've never discovered without you...like a Jungian Sync - or perhaps not...
July 11, 2019  | person RCBuckley
Bonus social comment by Dave and the World:

July 11, 2019  | person_outline Simon

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