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Editing the Sequential Circuits Max via iOS

YouTuber Rubicon Recordings shows us how you can edit a Sequential Circuits MAX from Model610, even though the MAX was never intended to be an editable synth!

The MAX was just a preset player version of the Six Trak. So now if you want to buy a Six Trak they're going for around $900 on eBay, but the MAX is only around $300 for the same functionality!

Video Description:

I made this video to show what you can do with a preset synth when you have the editing capabilities with an iPad. The music was recorded with a touch of snapback reverb from the strymon big sky, and the drums are from the akai rhythm wolf. The app is called Model610 by Mitsakos Audio (http://www.mitsakosaudio.com/model610).

January 12, 2018  | person_outline Tim Webb
That is super cool!
January 12, 2018  | person MikeV

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