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Need Advice for next iPad (used?)

I've been using an iPad 4th Gen (32-bit) for quite some time. It's getting long in the tooth. I could either sell it, or keep it around for various tasks (MIDI Designer stuff, SampleTank, reading, etc.).

I had been planning to get a new 64-bit iPad, but maybe the cost-to-benefit ratio isn't necessary.

I'll end up wanting at least 64 GB storage (or maybe 128, since I'll probably be using it for as long as it lasts).

Is there a particular vintage of 64-bit iPad that I should try to get? Or one that I should try to avoid? I already know I don't want a mini.

Any thoughts for best bang for buck in the used world? Or should I just get a new one and enjoy the factory-freshness?
Hi, pretty much the same question here, I’ve been using a mini 2nd gen originally just for fun but now as I work mainly in ableton and max along with some boutiques and Volcas but recently have been sucked into music making with just the iPad.

I’m mainly using AUM Cubase and max out at about 3 synths (for instance Sunrizer, elastic drums and quanta along with Rozeta and some audio damage plugins ) but I’d like to be able to run at least 5-8 instruments stabily.

Can anyone tell me what their experience is on the new 2018 non pro models? Can you load them up way beyond that or is the advantage pretty incremental?

July 30, 2018  | person_outline Verra
These are good questions. From my own experience I would say you definitely need to aim for something beefier than the iPad Air 1, because mine is starting to really show its age.

Looking at just the specifications I think an iPad Pro model is going to be most helpful for people who plan to use a lot of apps in AUM or any DAW. Memory is the major limiting factor on most iDevices. Many app crashes are actually iOS helpfully closing apps when you run out of memory. I cannot understate the importance of RAM when using a lot of apps simultaneously.

I'm 99% sure that all of the Pro models have been shipping with 4GB, double-check this for the specific year-size model you find. The latest "new iPad" only has 2GB.

Hi Tim,

Thank you for the insightful info, I suspected I needed a "Pro" but the idea of spending that amount of $$$ was painful. Looks like I've got to hit up Craigslist.

Keep up the great work!
July 30, 2018  | person_outline Verra
It's so annoying that Apple doesn't publish the RAM amount on their website "specs" page.

"That's not a very impressive number. Let's just leave that off."

But it looks like the new one only as 2 GB-- which I could get for $400.

I probably would want to run apps simultaneously, with a DAW, or as a live rig with AUM. The bigger question is which apps will want to occupy a big chunk of that RAM.

Dang Apple? Why so stingy with the RAM?
August 12, 2018  | favorite_border stub
There's a deal at CostCo for a regular 128 GB iPad 9.7 for $365 (plus tax, etc.), so I went for it. (expires 9/2/18).

Now that I've joined the 64-bit world, I was able to see which apps disappear on the 32-bit end. Kind of interesting. There's a couple I still use on my old iPad, nothing tragic, though.

I'll probably regret not having 4 GB of RAM, but I appreciate having 128 GB of storage!
August 16, 2018  | favorite_border stub
Wow, that is a good deal! You may miss the 4GB of RAM, but you will probably feel better about saving around $300-400 for a new Pro model.
Yea, for how I use the iPad, it'll be ok. I'm glad you think it is a good deal. I don't follow the prices very closely. The education discount put it at 409. So I figured it was pretty good.
August 16, 2018  | favorite_border stub

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