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Deals and Feels

At this point, Black Friday sales aren’t much of a thing for my iOS/iPadOS purchases: got the majority of AUv3 plugins already. Did buy a few things this time around, almost for “completion” or out of curiosity. Didn’t calculate how much it all cost me, but I don’t think it’s that much.

On the desktop, it’s another story. There are several things which interest me, including some which come at a reasonable discount, percentage-wise. Not only do the plugins cost a whole lot more but, turns out, I’m doing less on the desktop.
So, I did found some things on PluginBoutique which are relatively inexpensive and relatively neat. Put them in my cart. Been hesitant. Not that it’s so much money, considering my situation. But “are they worth it?” or am I just acquiring (virtual) gear for other reasons?
There’s also the category of expensive bundles or synths. I’m telling myself that I can get one. Really not sure which one would be the best idea.
The iZotope Tonal Balance bundle (200USD until December 6) is a very good deal (which will likely come back in a year). Issue is: I’m not completely convince I’ll start mixing, mastering, and doing vocals.
SoundToys 5 (175USD until December 4) contains some pretty interesting plugins… which aren’t that different from those I already have.
Arturia V Collection 7 (199USD cross grade until December 5) is relatively attractive and I do like the Analog Lab 4 collection… It‘s not that clear that I really need those “vintage” sounds.
Komplete 12 (260CAD upgrade from Select, until December 9) is highly rated but I already have Reaktor and it’s really the only thing I use from Native Instruments despite having Komplete 11 Select.
Almost a curveball: what if I bought UVI Falcon (244USD until December 3)? It’s the only one of the bunch which does MPE and I focus increasingly on that standard with a couple of controllers. Not so clear to me that a “monster synth” is what I need.

The other consideration (speaking of controllers): my main way to play synths remains a windcontroller. None of these plugins and app help me much for that.

I might end up getting none of these things and wait for other deals. In Canada, there are some pretty good ones on “Boxing Day” (the day after Christmas, when people would regift using the same boxes…).

Ah, well…
November 29, 2019  | favorite_border Enkerli

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