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Missing the anticipation of a feature-packed update

I remember with fondness clicking on my AppStore icon when it had a large red number in my dock.

I'd go in and there'd occasionally be an update that added major new features! Now it seems that most updates are bringing some kind of inter-app enhancement or bug fixes.

And some apps don't even provide updates when they need it, and/or are broken. It seems like the heyday of iOS super-value development is over. That's not to say there aren't great apps, but now that it is cram packed saturated, the renaissance is over.
August 17, 2017  | favorite_border stub
I can see how you'd feel that way, but on this end it looks more exciting. Part of my morning routine is looking at the update notes for every app I've ever reported on. The backend of the site shows me this in a convenient manner to quickly put together an article on updates.

There are a lot of updates that are merely incremental SDK maintenance like Audiobus, and AudioCopy. But there are still a fair number of new features being added. It's just that there are so many apps out there now that the majority of the updates will be maintenance.

So 5 years ago you might have had 20-50 apps that got an occasional update and those were exciting new features. Now you have 100-500 apps that are still getting the occasional new feature, but those feel drowned out by the maintenance updates to the hundreds of other apps.
I agree, and in fact the main complaint from users is usually too long time in between service updates. Many find it annoying to get new features when the basic functionality is not working as it should or is not good enough.
For example, I'm looking forward to next BM3 update with more banks. More important than perhaps some chrome that is fun but not part of main workflow.
This is of course fine balance and I totally agree that it is nice x-mas feeling if one of your favorite app shows up with major new feature set.
August 17, 2017  | person idexis
Good points, all.

I think there was also kind of a heyday where I got a big slew of updates of stuff I wanted, then a long dry spell where I didn't care much about the things that were coming my way. Personal taste, for sure.
August 21, 2017  | favorite_border stub

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