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List iOS synths that respond to 14-bit CC

There are a couple controllers that produce 14-bit CCs (either RPN or NRPN), but there is almost no information about which synths will actually respond to all 14 bits. Some synths that respond to NRPNs only listen to the MSB (first 7 bits).

The only iOS synth that I know of that responds to 14-bit CC is iVCS3. I thought I'd start a list, in case others are interested in smoother, less-steppy control of pitch, amp, cutoff, etc. So here's the list so far:

1. iVCS3

Any others?
January 22, 2019  | favorite_border stub
14-bit control is a feature that should be more widely demanded, implemented, and used.

When we modulate pitch, amplitude, filter-cutoff, etc., are we always satisfied with only 128 steps of value? Our ears can perceive much finer differences in pitch and amp than 7 bits will allow, and we can certainly hear stepped values as zipper noise.

Presumably the developer can smooth the change from one CC value to the next, but what if the place we want to land is very specific and between the values 7-bits affords-- it may seem like I'm splitting hairs, but the differences are much thicker than hairs.
February 02, 2019  | favorite_border stub
Just found out these two Moog Music Inc. synths have 7 & 14 bit MIDI controls.

(1. iVCS3)
2. Minimoog Model D Synthesizer
3. Model 15 Modular Synthesizer

As a side-note, I had been misunderstanding something fundamental (and pretty obvious) for a while. [self-kick] I had thought 14-bit control was the exclusive capability of RPNs or NRPNs. I think I read something that was either misleading or poorly worded. Anyway, what I didn't understand is that the first 32 standard CC's with high resolution capability when "paired" with the next 32 CC's.

Briefly, each of the CC's 0-31 work by themselves as 7-bit controls. But when used along with a "partner" CC in the range of 32-63, you get 14-bit control. When enabled, each of CC's 0-31 are the MSB-- (most-significant-byte) for those controls, and each of CC 32-63 are the LSB (least-significant-byte) for it's corresponding CC from 0-31. Most destinations (synths, FX, etc.) only "listen" to that MSB CC. But for synths that have 14-bit /high-resolution capability, they will listen to pairs of CC's, 0 & 32, 1 & 33, 2 & 34, ... etc. The rough value comes from the MSB, and the fine value comes from the LSB, for full 14-bit resolution. So it is like each 128 steps of resolution from the MSB has an additional 128 steps of resolution from the LSB. So, 128x128 steps of resolution (16,384).
November 28, 2019  | favorite_border stub

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