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Help please. Looking for audio editor with beat grid/sync

I'm striking out here.

I need a really basic audio editor app to slice up and edit long audio files.

It needs to have a beat grid and snapping
It needs some basic crossfade ability so if I cut out a section I can join the remaining pieces seamlessly

Blocs Wave almost works for this, but it totally chokes on large (I.e. Hour long GB sized) files.

I don't need or want a full daw...

Anyone know something that fits this bill?
TwistedWave audio editor may work for you.
I was going to suggest TwistedWave as well. I use it to edit hour or so long sermons for my church. Its basically Audacity for iOS. Really great app. What do you mean by Beat Grid?
I don't think what you are looking for exists unfortunately.

The closest I can think of, and what I personally use, is TwistedWave. It has no grid and snapping, but is ok with large files and has great export options.

There is Hokusai Audio Editor, but i never clicked with the UI/workflow, and as far as i understand it also has no grid and snapping.

There was also a new audio editor app that came out recently, forgot the name, but i think it turned out to be some sort of subscription based, which means i will never ever even consider it worthy in my arsenal.

Maybe Cubasis could fill your needs, even tho you say you don't need a full DAW :-)



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