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MODALapp Update

MODALapp, from Modal Electronics, was updated with improved reliability when flashing new firmware to your hardware. I admire their transparency! I don't think many companies would say "we stopped bricking your shit" in such a refreshingly honest manner. I think this sort of corporate responsibility is so rare now, that it is worth highlighting when it happens. Think about how this would go down with most companies. They find out they've been bricking things, and their legal counsel tells them to quietly pretend it was user error. The users affected may, or may not, be compensated. It doesn't matter, because everyone else forgets within 15-30 minutes. In a culture with a tiny attention-span; do companies even have to bother with responsible disclosure? Especially in an industry that tries to sell unwitting guitarists $6,000 gold cables.

Since realizing how cynical I've become, I've become angry with myself for allowing this to happen. It feels like I've indulged in some primitive or childish thing; like gluttony. I may be younger than most readers here, but I'm not a Manchild. I fucking know better. So how did I end up this cynical? Why didn't I spot this ahead of time? Then I remembered seeing this $6,000 guitar cable as a NAMM oddity back in 2014. All the way back to the early days of the site. I'm giving myself a pass now. How could anyone spot if they were becoming cynical, while covering an industry with this sort of behavior?

What's new in MODALapp v2.7.0:

- New look and feel
- Updating and reflashing is now more reliable
- Popups are now resizable and moveable
- Tabs now appear as soon as they’re detected
- It is now possible to rearrange tabs by clicking and dragging

- Support for Cobalt V1.1
- Folders can now be selected for preset imports

- Last folder imported from is now correctly remembered for the next use
- Fixed DIN/USB Thru filters sync issues
June 23, 2021  | person_outline Tim Webb
A+ commentary.
June 23, 2021  | person jscro
> So how did I end up this cynical? Why didn't I spot this ahead of time?
Maybe *you* didn’t. Surely, your husband did.
U supposed to wear that cable like a chain, son.
June 24, 2021  | person_outline Frankie
Jeeez, man, cool down.
Lean back, watch some kitten videos.

The cable is for people who deserve to be separated from their money.

Imagine if someone sold millions of people crappy food that made them sick and still claimed it was all good.
THAT would be a reason to get upset, right?
June 24, 2021  | person Roland
@Webb: Don't mean to be cynical here, but, you are only just getting around to suspecting this?* Took two seconds to uncover this gem from wayback,


When cynicism unmasks 'truth' what is so bad about that? Sure sugar makes the medicine go down easier than vinegar, but, vinegar doesn't attract flies. Cynicism allows us to express a tempered form of disgust with the target of our disaffections. Disgust is a powerful emotional force with deep-time evolutionary roots in all mammals. Disgust in minds composed of networked neurons is likely the emotional-control heuristic that 'solved the puzzle' of implementing negative chemotaxis, so crucial to survival and reproductive success of all early life, in a sophisticated manner capable of nuanced response more appropriate to an increasingly complex and competitive biology. If you can tap into that without losing control then more power to you. Or maybe it is just a matter of not suffering fools and scoundrels in silence? If so, cynicism may be acting as a 'relief value' of sorts and may have more to do the needs of the wielder than of the audience. Then there is the comic component which is usually downplayed, yet, seems to be a key source of pleasure we get from cynicism. Much that passes for humor has a deep vein of cruelty running through it. Perhaps cynicism lets us draw from that base material without actually having to sully our hands with the dangerous material directly? I think it is when I've caught myself using cynicism in that fashion I have regretted it later and felt remorse and questioned the wisdom of being cynical. Thankfully that doesn't last long! ;)

@Roland: You got a problem with Mickey-Dees or something?

* Of course you are not just getting around to figuring this out, but, what fun is it if we don't play along with the conceit?
June 24, 2021  | person_outline wormsgottoeattoo
@wormsgottoeattoo: There are few people who can write an interesting stream-of-consciousness essay! I like your inclusion of observations from the natural world. I had to look up "chemotaxis", but I appreciated where you were going with neural nets and their heuristics in the primordial.

At the very end you hit on how I think the cynicism got me. I think it was initially a "relief valve" or some kind of comedic psychic defense. You have to be a sociopath to look at the world. I learned the trick to it from working in the Death Industry. Everyone in the Death Industry has a fantastic sense of humor. From the coroner to the funeral home, every one of them had to learn to stay sane with humor. I can't even order groceries without watching an old woman, typically a minority, and typically from an oppressed group at that, struggling to carry them from the curb to my front porch.

Can you imagine what was going through my mind the first time I saw a tiny, tried, and ancient, black woman approaching 70 years of age, and my house, with my groceries!?

I didn't ask for this fucking Faustian pact when I downloaded Instacart.

We're all used to ignoring these sorts of encounters with Amazon delivery drivers. We don't even dare think about how abjectly awful it must be to be an Amazon warehouse employee. No one could reasonably function if they actually saw how much suffering was a part of the price tag, so it is not reasonable for me to expect this of anyone. I try not to hate anyone for their own ignorance, nor the way they try to make it through this bizarre world. But it is definitely a life experience to watch a 70-year-old oppressed minority struggle with all of her strength to bring you your groceries.

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