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Imaginando FRMS Synth Deep Dive Walkthrough

Gavinski’s Tutorials goes deep into the elaborate powerhouse of synthesis inside of FRMS!

Video Description:

FRMS by Imaginando is a fantastic synth for desktop and iOS that I recommend without hesitation. It is a unique blend of granular, subtractive and FM synthesis. You can load or quickly record files to granularise and even do live granular processing. You can use your samples as FM operators, modulating the layers in all kinds of complex formations. I have a huge giveaway for those watching at the time of release. Imaginando are allowing 5 lucky winners to win any Imaginando app - best of all, you are not limited to winning iOS versions, Imaginando are allowing winners to choose the desktop versions of apps if they prefer - very generous indeed, as FRMS desktop version costs 120 euros! Incidentally, at the time of writing, both desktop and iOS version of FRMS are on sale at 50% off. This video has timestamps when viewed in YouTube. Please remember to support the channel by not watching behind an adblocker, donating by PayPal if it is within your means, and maybe watching the odd ad or two. Huge thanks to all the channel regulars for your great support and appreciation of my work 🙏 - more people have been watching ads and I can actually see that the YouTube ad revenue is increasing. Big thanks everyone!

Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter at @gavinski_s. Also, if you enjoy the channel and would like to show your appreciation, my PalPal is

PayPal donations make a huge difference to how sustainable my continuing to do this channel is, so I am very happy when people support me in this way, and will certainly take the time to email you to thank you personally if you do 🙏.

This video has timestamps when viewed in Youtube.

00:00 intro, giveaway details, why this is a must-have synth 

06:46 A few example presets, preset menu 

09:22 Quick overview of main features and interface

15:40 Waveform & control panel: how granular synthesis works in FRMS, how randomisation works 

29:23 Envelope panel 

32:26 Matrix & modifiers section, setting up modulation, lfos 

35:00 Arpeggiator 

37:46 how FM works in FRMS 

42:23 Using FRMS to do live granular processing / recording of other audio sources! 

48:12 Supremeja preset pack selected presets demo

50:48 Sounds of Saxophone preset pack selected presets demo 

51:42 Perplex On Glitches From the Heart preset pack selected presets demo 

55:28 More Supremeja preset examples 

57:40 Outro, review, concluding thoughts and overall review

April 05, 2021  | person_outline Tim Webb
Gawd, I love this app. Imaginando is one of the best!
April 05, 2021  | person BDBaker1958

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