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Quantiloop Demo & Walkthrough - The Best Looper?

YouTuber Scott Uhl did an excellent walkthrough video for Quantiloop. If you haven't checked out this looper yet, Scott does a great job of covering it all in one well-edited package.

Video Description:

In this video, I demo and walkthrough the Quantiloop app for iOS, which is IMO probably the best looper out there. The amount of that you can customize this app for your looping is truly incredible.

0:00 - Intro
0:44 - Rec/Dub/Play/Stop
1:25 - Customizing each song
1:53 - Tempo
2:37 - Dub Mode
3:03 - Metronome
4:22 - Customizing Tracks
4:52 - Verse / Chorus Settings
6:45 - Global or Track Settings
8:42 - FX
9:30 - MIDI
10:50 - Input Routing
12:34 - Using for Backing Tracks
13:11 - Gear To Use w/ Quantiloop


November 17, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
I agree, probably the best looper out there, stands out for its solid performance and features, i use it mostly because it can set the ableton link tempo to what was just played meaning dont have to start songs with a click beat, perfect for jamming.

I run it as a slave on a 2nd ipad connected to iConnectivity Audio+ with AUM routing, has great midi features as well and i fire out series of commands via mozaic scripts like a geek.

just so wish it wasnt trying to be a boss looper pedal! arrrgg really bugs me, but most likely the best out of what ive tried : L7, Loopersonic, Everest, Loop Tree, Looperverse, Loop station, Loopy HD and Everyday Looper.

With Group the Loop a very close 2nd since last update ... ive still yet to try Enzo
November 17, 2020  | person_outline bee

Sounds like you are using loopers on a pretty sophisticated level.

I've never gotten into loopers-- neither using them, nor listening to people using them. I don't mind repetitive music, but there's something in my brain/attitude that makes loopers harder to "sit through".

That said, I am still curious about them. When you said you "wish it wasn't trying to be a boss looper pedal", I was just curious what specifically you meant.
November 18, 2020  | favorite_border stub

thanks for giving me a chance to talk more about my looper obsession :)

It comes from only really enjoying making music when done in real time, i have never got on well using a DAW and scarred from obsessively tweaking. 30 years ago i was playing in bands, 20 years ago i was super excited about emerging software, 10 years ago i flipped back to real time only

And i totally share your feelings, I don't like listening to loop based music either!
The key for me is using it bare minimum thats needed while never comprising my goal.
Its easy to over use looping and also easy to say that cant be done.

Its a bit of a mind set i struggle to find other people that get what i mean, i make music a couple of times a week by myself, i often jam with other people they are in awe of what i am doing but just don't think in that way.

So think Beardy man, Fkj, Ed Sheran live, and thats the sort of thing i aim for.
i find iOS is affordable and inspiring, i should probably use Ableton more but find all the extra stuff gets in the way for me.

by the comment i meant aesthetically, it looks like a physical looper pedal, i shouldn't have said a 'Boss' looper pedal particularly.
Probably perfect for a majority of people, but i would prefer something more minimal and find certain constraints from being modelled to look physical.

That being said it works really well.
November 19, 2020  | person_outline bee

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