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EvolverFX AUv3 Audio Plugin Update

EvolverFX got a minor update that would ordinarily go unmentioned here, but I like how he throws shade at the MIDI Guitar developer in the notes on the App Store. Call people out for their erratic MIDI!

What's new in EvolverFX AUv3 Audio Plugin v1.06:

Finally found a solution to the sticking notes issue when using MIDI Guitar 2 and other apps that send irratic MIDI information. This was a problem introduced into v1.04 and should now be resolved.
Other minor bug fixes and changes to documentation.
May 19, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb

I like how he throws shade at…
Of course you do!
On May 19, 2020 - @Enkerli said:
Of course you do!
LOL! I manage to avoid a lot of drama in my life, but for some reason I take a guilty pleasure in developer drama. It reminds me of the early days. It is amazing how well most developers in the whole world of audio get along. It is remarkable how open and friendly they tend to be with one another. But some people just can't play nicely with others... and when that happens they usually bring a lot of fireworks to the show.


Unfortunately the pictures for this article got lost in a server migration.
On May 19, 2020 - @Tim Webb said:
for some reason I take a guilty pleasure in developer drama
some people just can't play nicely with others...
So you probably enjoyed the latest release notes from Camelot Pro, calling out several misbehaving apps. Not feisty, but quite direct:

- Workaround for plugins that do not expose their parameter list (Syntronik, Synclavier Go!, Colossus Piano, Heavy Brass, iSymphonic Orchestra, CMP Grand Piano, Oriental Strings, iCathedral Organ, HDS iSound, KASPAR) and make Camelot crash on iOS 13.4.1

On May 19, 2020 - @Tim Webb said:
It is amazing how well most developers in the whole world of audio get along.
It sounds especially true in the core iPad audio community (at least, those who communicate in English amongst themselves). Quite a few occasions for devs to offer support to one another and, for the most part, more “coopetition” than competition.

Having said that, there’s been at least the rumour of drama, including in teamwork gone wrong. And while there are cool people like Mark Watt, Bram Bos, Matthew Fletcher, or Kai Aras, we know of some iffy practices by a few devs (easier to follow through Audiobus forums than elsewhere; it’s like the Gearsl*tz of the iPad ecosystem).

Also, the “playing well with others” has a lot to do with standards. Even drama-free development can make for a pretty lousy experience when standards aren’t used properly. For instance, plugins vary a lot in how well they implement MPE, which makes it hard to use our controllers for polyphonic expression.

And then, this inward focus of the dev community also makes for an interesting dynamic with users. Sure, some devs are very responsive, even when they disagree with most user wishes and requirements. It doesn’t mean that it’s a collaborative approach or one based on deep analysis through a broad userbase. In other words, it’d be difficult to describe this scene as “user-centric”.

Over the long weekend, I was reflecting upon the state and history of Music Tech, including some of the drama. Despite the number of organizations involved, it’s still a pretty small world. And without being vicious (not enough money involved for that), it’s not nearly as inclusive or diverse as it could be.

All told, this whole ecosystem is pretty interesting to observe from the sidelines.
As someone who has managed to make a job out of reporting from the sidelines, I agree entirely!

I think you're right about iOS development being (mostly) non-user-centric. There are two big issues that make user feedback less important than I think you'll find in a lot of other domains. With the price of apps being so low, users have very little vested stake in the project. I also think a lot of developers are making toys for themselves first and foremost. With those two things in mind, I think it is amazing how patient and attentive developers (on the whole) tend to be with their users. Users are just these random assholes that paid a pittance (minus 30%) to play with the developer's beloved toys, but they keep breaking them!

I could probably make a killing if I released discchord branded music apps, but I don't for two reasons. Fuck Apple, and fuck users. When Apple decided to cut commissions for apps, on the same week that they became a trillion dollar company, I decided I didn't want to become more invested in Apple's world. I also know how many support requests developers have to deal with, and I'd prefer to spend my time doing just about anything else.

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