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MIDI Designer Pro 2 Update & Giveaway!

MIDI Designer Pro 2, from Confusion Studios LLC, was updated with the ability to show or hide panels. This allows for some very dynamic layouts that you can change at the press of a button.

Contest: I have 5 copies of MIDI Designer Pro 2 to give away! That's $150 worth of apps! I feel like Santa. Just comment on this post for a chance to win. Winners will be randomly selected Tuesday morning.

Contest closed! Congratulations to nreyes, azazabacheche, Sneil, jscro, and RubyRhod!

What's new in MIDI Designer Pro 2 v2.150:

2.150 adds two new features which are game changers for many of our layout creators.

1) HUGE: Allow panels to hide in response to button press.
2) Allow panels to hide in performance mode (like other controls)

Other fixes in this version:
1) Receive of note-on-on is fixed (thanks the-elf)
2) Design Mode Locks on iPad. You need Design Mode Locks if you're doing anything complex.
3) Bugs in Make Similar (thanks Josef).

MIDI Designer Team

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MIDI Designer Team

See mididesigner.com/changelog for version history.
May 18, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
wow, this app looks crazy useful! gotta admit i hadnt heard of this app before today but the combo of existing templates with the ability to create new ones sounds pretty amazing
Would love a copy of this.
May 18, 2020  | stars jscro
I love the concept of this product, but like pretty much EVERY sysex/MIDI editor ever, the visual design is atrocious.
Please metaphorically toss my name in the draw as I know you have a script to pick the winners. Have an awesome day Tim.
Thanks for the chance Tim. Gotta try my luck for this one!
May 18, 2020  | person Bob
this app very useful
May 18, 2020  | person dismay
Crazy powerful app, will make a great sidekick for Parat+ in my ever-planned, never-executed studio of the future :)
Midi is the shizzle
May 18, 2020  | person bcomnes
This is the perfect midi controller I am looking for. Thanks for the opportunity!
MIDI Designer Pro 2 looks really useful.. would love to add this one to my workflow 😺🎹📲🔊🎶
Nice app. Hope to win :)
Please include me in the draw for MIDI Designer Pro 2. Looks impressive! Thank you.
Yay ! Please add me to the contest pickings....
(Blink blink)
I've been looking for something to replace Lemur!
May 18, 2020  | person slicetwo
Looks good!
May 18, 2020  | person stan
Thanks for doing this, Tim — that’s one hell of a giveaway!
Second on something to replace Lemur. Did not expect that getting the 11” iPad would contribute to making me so anxious to use continually updated software.
May 18, 2020  | stars RubyRhod
Santa is coming to town. Thank you.
Your favorite reindeer.
May 18, 2020  | person Plø
Everyday I check the page and read, watch, and experiment
The app is slightly too expensive for me, cause I’m a student and have no money :/.
Luckily this giveaway is here for it. haha
I think the app sounds great and i Hope I can try it out for myself soon!
This kind of apps haven't looks cute; they should just work. . And MIDI Designer delivers.
Thanks for a giveaway Tim!
This app looks awesome!
May 18, 2020  | person Teg Ylow
Sweet giveaway! Have been wanting to get my hands on this app. It has the makings of being a central control panel for some of my hidden apps.
Christmas in May sounds wonderful!
May 18, 2020  | person bencruz
Nice contest! Wonderful useful app.
May 18, 2020  | person fugubot
May 18, 2020  | person tchartan
I never bought into MIDI designer. I’ve always used Lemur, but I’m willing to look at MIDI Designer.
Yep. I’d like to win too....
May 18, 2020  | stars nreyes
Ooo! Ooo! Would be great since I have the time right now.
May 18, 2020  | person Humbuzz
Ho ho.. a lot of people :)
May 18, 2020  | person Yactre
Oops missed the give away
May 18, 2020  | person Charlie
A random comment for a random giveaway. Let's roll the dice... (Thanks, Tim)
I would like to enter the code give away as well. Thnx!
May 18, 2020  | person Ed
I like these odds, thank you sir
May 18, 2020  | person m_h_s_n
About to delv into an iPad based MIDI controller for Helix/X Air/Korg/BandHelper. Help me out here bruthuh!!! :)
An awesome looking app and a great giveaway. Throwing my name into the hat for the draw. Thanks!
May 18, 2020  | stars Sneil
This is a pretty good goody! Hope I win.
May 18, 2020  | person Okeribok
Fingers crossed!
Looks Super interesting Tim, I think I’d like to try it out! Oh a freebie you say? Yes please! 👍
nice 🤓
May 19, 2020  | person n44m
Someone told me Florian Schneider used it.

May 19, 2020  | person Knoepfe
I’m in.. PEACE
as if...
I’d love to win one a them copies yo!!
I love MIDI DESIGNER PRO. One of my favourite most used apps. Hope the winners enjoy using the app too.

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