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Logan J. Smith - Fugue No. 24 in B Minor

YouTuber Logan J. Smith concludes his 24 Fugues for Fugue Machine with a dramatic flourish!

Video Description:

Fugue No. 24 in B Minor by logan.jacob
from 24 Fugues for Fugue Machine

Recorded 3/25/2020 on iPad Pro 1st Gen 12.9"

For my final fugue in this series features the Gregorian Chant Dies Irae as the subject played by the Circuit Mono Station running through Alter Ego Vintage Echo 4x and Snake Bite Reverb. The other synth voices are Quanta, Aparillo, and Ravenscroft 275, each with their own set of effects listed below. The drums come from Patterning 2, with the kick pattern being doubled in Ruismaker Noir. This series has been a ton of fun to create, and I've learned a lot about Fugue Machine and creating music on the iPad over the last couple of months and I'm looking forward to seeing where my music goes from here. Thanks to those of you who have been listening during this, you've been a real inspiration for me! Enjoy!

Synth Voices, all sequenced by Fugue Machine:
Channel/Playhead 1: Circuit Mono Station processed through my pedal board (Alter Ego Vintage Echo 4x, Snake Bite Reverb)
Channel/Playhead 2: Quanta, processed by Gliderverb and Kosmonaut
Channel/Playhead 3: Aprillo, processed by BLEASS Reverb and K7D
Channel/Playhead 4: Ravenscroft 275, processed by BLEASS Reverb, Tape Cassette, BLEASS Filter, and Kosmonaut

Channel 6: Patterning 2, processed by BLEASS Filter and Reverb, and Kosmonaut
Channel 7: Ruismaker Noir, sequenced by Patterning 2 kick pattern, processed by BLEASS Reverb

Channel 8: Main Mix Bus, processed by Final Touch

Thanks for listening, please like and subscribe!!
Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/loganjacob
Facebook: https://www.fb.me/loganjacobmusic
Bandcamp: https://loganjacob.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/loganjacob

March 26, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
Kosmonaut is missing off the app list
March 26, 2020  | person Charlie
As a budding AUM Mixer-ologist that was great. Haven't had the guts yet to pull the trigger on any hardware yet other than the basic iPad/iPhone gadgets. I just really hesitate to go down the physical-gadget road, especially if I'm in an RV on said road, when software gets me 90%+ to where I think I want to go. Although one of those USB power-able keyboard/pad combo things that are slim and light and easy to stow is starting to tractor-beam me in ... oh well.

Be careful out there and definitely sit down before you check your 401k. Also don't have anything sharp or heavy in your hands when checking your balances.
March 26, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
On March 26, 2020 - @Crowfly said:
Although one of those USB power-able keyboard/pad combo things that are slim and light and easy to stow is starting to tractor-beam me in ... oh well.

A physical keyboard is probably the only peripheral that I would consider to be nearly essential. But that's because I play keys. For others it might be an Akai EWI or some guitar thing.
Thanks for the tip. Will follow up on it. The last time I started digging I got enamored with a Roger Linn design, but, I've hardly even begun my research. I've learned to purposely space this sort of process out over time so the subconscious (and the freaking irritating search engine AI's) time to mull things over and catch up with random particles pin-balling around the old cortex pathways :)
File this under "It couldn't get much worse":


So I guess we can look forward to the CDC tellIng us the only way to stop the Covid-19 pandemic is to just stop breathing. ;) Oh well, as the great-man said, "In the end we are all dead anyway", or something like that.
March 27, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly

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