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Taetro: Xynthesizr Ambient Meditation

YouTuber Taetro did a relaxing meditation jam with Xynthesizr!

Video Description:

A mellow ambient meditation session with my iPad
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►🎹Seen in this session:
XYNTHESIZR APP running through REV Reverb by Arturia and blended with a field recording from my porch.

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March 25, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
Simple yet effective.
Including the set design. After watching so many videos with a white/barren setup showcasing a device or technique, it’s nice to have a couple of well-placed plants and a book and things just a bit crooked. More life-like.
As for the piece itself: to me, it’s less about the performance’s timing as in MAD ZIA’s jam. It’s more about the overall structure and flow. More like a composition than a jam, to my ear. Still an art form.

And the meditation part is fully in line with the way things are done in a yoga session. Even a five-minute meditation can have an impact.

Dunno if it’s a sign of the times that more of us are into “Ambient”. And I don’t mean about the past few weeks. Maybe there’s something we start recognizing together about musicking in a visceral way which is less tied to instrumental performance or beatmaking or “songwriting” or chord progressions…
People keep talking about Brian Eno and his pioneering work certainly matters in the overall tree of musical genres. At the same time, there are many other branches to that tree, from academia to counterculture and from experiments which were never recorded to longstanding traditions from around the World.
This is an appropriate time to do some musicking for ourselves. Less about “producing” music for consumption. Not about performing in public, necessarily. More about participating in the whole trend of putting sounds together and finding the process enjoyable.

Even advertising is less profitable than it was! https://variety.com/2020/digital/news/facebook-google-ad-revenue-loss-coronavirus-1203544502/

There’s obviously a consumer aspect with our iPad Pros (now with trackpad support!) or in all the apps we just have to buy. There’s money to be made in music, for those who care. Just not in the same spots. And it might not be the end of the story. We do the musicking because it’s soothing, not just because we need to “consume content”.

Anyhoo, back to Taetro… Nice to hear Xynthesizr getting a bit of a demo. The lack of AUv3 support is a major turnoff, for me. Which doesn’t mean that it’s not an interesting app. And this video does more to make things clear to me than the App Store description.

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