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Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: AudioKit Sub Bass 808 Review

AudioKit are about to release a new bass synth for that deep 808 Bass sound. This is going to be a "Limited Edition" app that will only be available for a few weeks before being priced to $999. This seems entirely counter to their high-accessibility approach of making everything open-source. It sounds pretty damn impressive on this jam from Sound of Izrael, so keep your eyes peeled for this or you will definitely miss out.

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy did a full review of Sub Bass 808, going deep on the features in this deep bass!

Video Description:

Sub Bass 808 for iOS review ,
Audiokit is coming out with a new app with a twist. Audiokit is explaining it this way:
"This is the first app in our series of "Limited Edition App Drops", these apps will only be available for sale for a couple of weeks (like a Sneaker drop). They will continue to be updated and in the app store, but the price tag will go to the maximum amount ($999) in the app store. Thus, making a unique instrument with sounds available only to an exclusively small amount of musicians. "
A new way to create uniqueness for an app.
But first of all, is it any good? YES!

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March 24, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
Personally I think this idea is a bad one and I won’t support it.
March 24, 2020  | person_outline Fruitbat1919
This is worthy of an Onion news story. Maybe the typographer set the printing press number blocks for the price in upside down? How does this help the Audiokit "brand" ? Maybe rebrand as Audiokit0.01%? April fools day coming early? Something about a something or other and their money is coming to mind.
March 24, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
What a fucking stupid idea. False scarcity? Wtf for? “Ooohhh we want it to be an exclusive sound”

It’s based on the fucking 808 kick/bass. That’s probably the most overused, prevailing sound in dance music!

A wacky instrument like Bram’s Mononononokey dokey would have made some sense in the whole “it’s unusual so we want to limit it” (would still be stupid)... But an 808 kick clone?!

They are obviously stoned out of their minds.
March 24, 2020  | person DrüMünkey
Hello to all people in the iOS music comunity!

I agree with DrüMunkey. We need something new and original and little bit weird if possible. Not too expensive and not CPU demanding. Something that all of us can use and enjoy. Developers should make something that is not in the app store already. There are so many amazing effects in VST family or Max for Live family. Can those be made to work on iPad? That is the reason I love Amazing Noises, apeSoft, Kimatica, Igor Vasilev, Sugar Bytes etc. Very original and new.

Best regards!
March 24, 2020  | person SoundShovel
Here's Matt at Audiokit's line of reasoning, quoted from the Audiobus forum:

Hey, thanks everyone for the DMs and emails!

Please allow me to briefly address questions:

(1) This is supposed to be fun
(2) These apps would not exist otherwise. Consider them all bonus apps. The limited edition nature of the apps is what got the buy in and excitement of the musicians and dev partners to create these apps
(3) AudioKit is still making apps that will be available to the public. Consider these limited edition apps "bonus" apps for die hard iOS musicians.
(4) If someone can't afford a $3 app during a drop, they can always email me for a promo code.
(5) These limited edition apps will be released over the next couple of years – they're not all coming out right now. And, they're not taking away too many development resources from AudioKit's current apps, as these apps are pulling in new coders and collaborators.
(6) The technology developed from these drop partnerships is going to make all current AudioKit apps better (including Synth One)
(7) There will definitely be free & completely open-source code released as part of this series!

I appreciate that these are trying times. And, certainly we're not trying to add to anyone's stress. If you have special financial needs, I will do my best to make sure you can enjoy these drops.


To this list I would add one more. False scarcity is often used to limit the number of customers in order to limit the number of support requests. Audiokit is made up of volunteers who want to code, not answer support requests (I'm guessing).
March 24, 2020  | person Clam
On March 24, 2020 - @Clam said:
Here's Matt at Audiokit's line of reasoning, quoted from the Audiobus forum:

Hey, thanks everyone for the DMs and emails!

Please allow me to briefly address questions:
I, for one, welcome our AudioKit partners in crime.

Sure, if it came from a faceless corp or a newcomer to the scene, it’d feel like a really weird move. But this is Matt we’re talking about and his approach sounds quite consistent with the rest of his work. There’s a sense of community, there: belonging to a group of people who enjoy building and using musicking apps, especially when it’s in its own niche. Aure’s attitude is quite compatible with this and the group of people Matt brings on board (as both “users” and devs) benefits from that fairly unique approach.

The fact that Matt posted this on AB forums is rather significant. This is an app for and by a small group of people who are “in on it”.

Is it a joke? Sure, if you want it to be!
Will it be fun to use? Most likely.
Does it make sense to do special releases when you have a small team of volunteers (as per Clam’s point on support)? Well, yeah!
Does Apple make it hard to special releases? Yep.

It’s hard to toe the line between inclusion and exclusivity. Yet, we always exclude and include at the same time.

Now, would it be better if the AudioKit team could keep the app in the store while preventing new purchases after a few weeks? Sure. If Apple made that possible. Would it make sense to just pull the app off the store at a certain time? Probably not as it makes all sorts of things difficult for those who did buy it and it’s impossible to predict how Apple will react.

The App Store has improved a lot since Phil took it over. It still needs a lot of improvement in terms of upgrade pricing, demo versions and, yes, limited releases.
Trolling for Sugar-daddys. Phishing for phools. The iOS rabble won't stand for it! Keep your tines pointy, your cressets topped-off, and your flint close at hand. Happy-hoarding.
March 24, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
To be honest not sure how we feel about this. It's kind of strange for sure, no doubt we'll be grabbing the app at the discounted price.

We certainly want app developers to get paid, but perception is reality for most people so this could really end up kind of going either way.

Hoping for the best as Matt has done massive amounts for the mobile music community and should at least be respected to try out new ideas.
What’s the intro price $499?
Man, during this pandemic and possible Great Depression i was thinking about stocking up on TP, hand sanitizer, and rice & beans. Maybe buy a gun. But i also really want this $1000 bass 808 app. Yeah, no.
March 26, 2020  | person_outline Matt B
I admit, I am as dumb as stump. I'm okay with that and it doesn't stop me thinking about stuff anyway. First off, what I don't know about the technicals concerning synths could fill the infinite room size on most any reverb. So here goes nothing. Is it not kind of the height of folly trying to create a "unique" sound in the Land of the Synths? Maybe not. After-all, almost any labor that tasks us, teaches us. But I'm pretty sure paying for a "unique" sound with a high price point in the Land of the Synths is increasingly folly. The clue may well be in the name: S Y N T H E Z I E R. We live in a world of hungry synthesizers ready to replicate anything that appears capable of producing 'profits' (in whatever form they take). It is pretty hard and it takes some very deep-pockets to even try and patent sound waves. Without a bunch of Marketing Pixie-dust my dim wits don't even see this having short-term viability. Meaning, "peak-sales" will be hit real fast. Of course, that may just be my biasses and profound ignorance blinding me to the next fantastical ground floor golden-unicorn of an investment opportunity. Wouldn't be the first time that happened. You got to take what I say with a grain of salt. I've lived through, what it is now, three calamitous Mr Market wealth evaporating events just since the start of the century. Can I be blamed if I have been reduced to thinking a Utility stocking paying north of 3% is pretty sexy? So please forgive my jaundiced eye.
March 27, 2020  | person_outline Crowfly
I got a email. The cost is $2.99 (US) for iPad (later iPhone upgrade mentioned) until May 8, 2020. I did purchase it. It seems pretty cool.
March 27, 2020  | person_outline Peter03102

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