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EG Pulse Update

EG Pulse, the drum machine from Elliott Garage, was updated with support for Multi-Output in AUv3!

You can now route the drum parts to 16 discrete tracks, thanks to the latest AUM update! This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to see when I heard about Multi-Output, but I didn't expect to see it this soon!

What's new in EG Pulse v1.15:

- AU3 Multi output - Route up to 16 separate stems to any daw supporting multi-output AU (*currently supported by AUM only)
- Sample Latch mode - Switch sample play mode from one shot, to hold or latch

For feedback or request please write at info@elliottgarage.com
February 14, 2020  | person_outline Tim Webb
That sure was quick! And it feels like the app was meant for this. Adding separate FX internally could turn weird. Adding them for each output bus makes for a cool workflow.
Once again, this is a significantly different approach from what people typically do on the desktop. For those who don’t try it, the difference might not sound so important. It’s yet another ear-opening experience which is hard to put on paper and unlikely to be captured on video.
February 14, 2020  | favorite_border Enkerli
How do I route pads to channels? Seems full on random what channels go where.. and like most of them seem to go nowhere, and I cannot find out how to assign.... weird. I r dumb.
February 16, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority
Nevermind! I was dumb. In the mixer there’s a whole line of numbers I didn’t spot. That’s where you select channel.

This is great :) made the MPC style drum apps infinitely more useful.
February 16, 2020  | person_outline VGA Port Authority

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