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Auditor by Living Memory Software

LayR developer Living Memory Software released Auditor, a new feature-rich audio editor. Auditor arrives on sale for $7, for a limited time. I helped with beta testing!

Contest: Comment below for a chance to win a copy! 3 winners will be selected at random on Tuesday!

Contest closed! Congratulations to BitterGums, Gdog, and tristan!

Auditor App Store Description:

A fast, modern and efficient audio editor for the iPad touch screen providing many features for rapidly chopping, blending and editing audio files, taking full advantage of the latest advances in iOS.

• Extremely simple import and export directly to and from any location in the Files environment.
• Import and export to and from many file formats.
• Macro based multi-file batch format and rate conversion direct from the file browser.
• Single file and region based multi-layer editing modes with mixable bouncing to new layers.
• Loop tools for creating crossfade loops and (planned for a near future release) tools for slicing and stretching.
• Full multi-step undo.
• Rapid and efficient locating, scrolling and zooming.
• Customizable Tool Bar and Transport Bar, (choose which editing functions you want available on buttons).
• A simple record function with support for hardware inputs from attached audio interfaces.
• Light and dark colour themes.
•Split screen and Drag & Drop compatibility.
November 11, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
Thanks for the contest, Tim!
November 11, 2019  | person Drunken Master
Really interesting!
November 11, 2019  | person Rodrigo Fróes
awesome app
November 11, 2019  | person dismay22
Count me in please.
November 11, 2019  | person Freddy
Commenting for a chance to win. As always, thanks for all the hard work you do Tim!
Add my name to the contest please.
November 11, 2019  | person halftone
Looks good ...
November 11, 2019  | person Sealex
Please count me in !
November 11, 2019  | person Cuscolima
LayR is great (one day I'll properly learn how to do stuff other than just play the presets!), so I'm looking forward to this!
November 11, 2019  | person Michael_R_Grant
yes pls,nice one
November 11, 2019  | person vasre
Looks Useful!
November 11, 2019  | person Dubcut
Yeah! Let’s do that!!!
Would love to get one copy 👊🏼😎
November 11, 2019  | person DavidH
Think I really need this!
November 11, 2019  | person The other Brian
Count me in please
November 11, 2019  | person Evesevere
Yeyyy count me in to win :)
November 11, 2019  | person Vinylchunk
Please add me to the giveaway
November 11, 2019  | person mildwest
A needed tool for iOS
November 11, 2019  | person Allehoop
This looks really sweeet!!!
November 11, 2019  | person cfurrow
Looking good, thanks for testing it. Would really like a copy.
Looks like a great tool. Count me in!
November 11, 2019  | person Spiteface
Count me in too, please
November 11, 2019  | person Mr Tibbs
Count me in too too, please !
November 11, 2019  | person lotan
I need an audio editor
November 11, 2019  | stars Gdog
If you were on the Beta, it’s sure to be ace! Count me in on the contest, please.
November 11, 2019  | person Joe Maron
November 11, 2019  | favorite_border Tony
Well that is something worthwhile for sure!
November 11, 2019  | person bcomnes
Looks great! I’m interested for sure!
November 11, 2019  | person synthguy216
Count me in please
November 11, 2019  | person Roboyd
Commenting myself in!
Been a while since you had a giveaway. Feeling lucky.
November 11, 2019  | person B.Skaigh
I’m already a fan of LayR so an audio editor from the same developer is most welcome.
November 11, 2019  | person kden
Great tool for accurate loops! Here for a chance!
November 11, 2019  | person abi
Why ever not?!
November 11, 2019  | person SimHC
Entered to win
November 11, 2019  | person mchlnrvs
Sign me up!
November 11, 2019  | person Adam
After reading the manual, I’m very impressed by this app’s capabilities, especially the batch processing. Would like to have this for processing audio without having to open up a DAW! Very cool!
November 11, 2019  | person mocomain
This looks great. I went ahead and bought this app. Thanks for offering this as a prize, but I never win contests anyway. Glad to know that you were involved in the beta testing.
Looks Awesome! Thanks, Tim!!
November 11, 2019  | person colorofdubious
Definitely interested in this one. Twisted Wave is great, but getting rather long in the tooth...
November 11, 2019  | favorite_border ajp
That is not my dog.
November 12, 2019  | favorite_border Laarz
Commenting for a chance to win. Thanks!
November 12, 2019  | person WilliamC
A proper audio editor, thank you Jebus! And thanks Tim for the news.
November 12, 2019  | person Roikat
Seems to be very useful. Thx for the opportunity!
November 12, 2019  | person Knoepfe
I do like a free app :)
November 12, 2019  | stars tristan
Yes-finally a „real“ Editor - Offering more than just cut, normalize...
November 12, 2019  | person bazebuster
Big fan of Living memory apps, this editor looks very promising.
At the moment using TwistedWave editor, curious of the differences between them....
thanks for the contest......
November 12, 2019  | person Jurri
Would be great to have a chance to try this one. Thanks!
November 12, 2019  | person MrFromage
Awesome app... would be nice to have it ;)
November 12, 2019  | person Ghostrider
Looks dope, dropping my name in the hat
November 12, 2019  | person Afsci
Last minute :) yay!
November 12, 2019  | person DiegoC
Hey TIm . thanks for the giveaway!
November 12, 2019  | stars BitterGums
yes oh yes :)
November 12, 2019  | person n44m
This seems yummy! :D
November 12, 2019  | person senhorlampada
I love you xx
November 12, 2019  | person Strooomy
Hey Tim, Commenting for an opportunity. I'll take the chance.
November 12, 2019  | person Hunter
Looks like a good one.
November 12, 2019  | person Osidenick
Bollocks to this massive list. I haven't got a cat's chance in hell! LOL!

But I've been waiting for a decent audio editor on iOS (haven't we all?), ever since the developer of Amadeus Pro tried to skank me for an update in the region of £60, which I'd already paid for. Bollocks to him too.

But this certainly does look like the absolute real bollocks! Great to hear that AUv3 support is planned.

Good bollocks all around then. :D
November 12, 2019  | favorite_border tom_tm
Yes please add me to the contest. Thnx
November 12, 2019  | person Ed B

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