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Free Presets for Sugar Bytes Factory & iceGear Lagrange

Richard Yot has released two free preset packs! He's even produced demo videos for each! You can download 20 presets for Factory here, and 25 presets for Lagrange here. I've embedded the Factory demo here, and there's also one for Lagrange.

Video Description:

A set of 20 evolving ambient Lo-Fi presets for Sugar Bytes Factory synth. Fuzzy, saturated, evolving sounds, beautiful but with an edgy and textural feel.

Download the presets here:


November 07, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
The hoops the iOS user has to jump through to import the files in Factory shown in the video were insane. Reminds me of 'computing' 30 years ago. At least put it in writing. I no longer waste my time starting and stopping videos trying to follow complex instructions spoken at a fast clip. The iCloud can go where the Sun does not shine for all I care. External storage or on device storage is the only option I will ever depend on.
November 07, 2019  | person_outline Crowfly
What a joke! Totally insane with what one has to go thru to download n install these presets. Waste of time!
November 08, 2019  | person_outline Bill
Thanks for the patches!
November 08, 2019  | person Roikat

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