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FD-1 Filter Delay by Kai Aras

Kai Aras just released FD-1 Filter Delay! Like right now. It just came out minutes ago, so there's no demo for this new semi-modular effect plugin for AUv3, AB, and IAA. There's a built-in step-sequencer to create rhythms, with a signal chain that takes your audio through a modulated filter before going into a delay. Every control in FD-1 can be modulated using the step-sequencer or an LFO.

FD-1 Filter Delay App Store Description:

FD-1 is a Semi-Modular Effect Plugin including dedicated Filter, Delay and Modulation sections.

At it's core, FD-1 is designed to create filter rythms and grooves by first sending the signal through a modulated filter section before feeding it to a delay stage but it goes much further than that.

Built-in Step Sequencer and Low Frequency Oscillator serve as modulation sources and are ideal for creating rythmic filter sequences either free running or tempo-synced to a host application.

However, due it's semi modular nature, not just filter cutoff but every control within FD-1 can be a modulation target allowing for an increased range effects and combinations ranging from Chorus and Flanger type effects over Analog and Tape Style echos to complex Stutter and Repeat effects.

- VA Multi Mode Filter with 2 & 4 Pole options
- Digital Stereo Delay with Tempo Sync and Time Range Control
- Analog Style Step Sequencer
- Low Frequency Oscillator
- Easy to use Mod Matrix
- Input Low-Cut and Drive Controls
- Individual Return Levels for Filter and Delay

- Standalone
- AUv3
- AudioBus (Filter)

- Tempo Sync
- CC Control

- iOS11+
- iPad 4th generation or newer
November 07, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
Hello good people!

I did purchase this app and in the light of recent delay effect flooding this one has some originality.
Tested it for about 45 minute and I am happy. This introductory price is great so I recommend it.

Best regards!
November 07, 2019  | person_outline Dragan
Yeah i got this one too! Its sounding as good as it looks, they hit on something pretty deep here, its way useful, quite amazing on voices and percussion.
November 08, 2019  | person_outline Cyp3

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