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Ariel Raguet: Pure Data + KQ Dixie + Raspberry + Eurorack

YouTuber Ariel Raguet made some wild ambient with a Pure Data patch on a laptop sending MIDI to 8 instances of KQ Dixie in AUM. Ariel's Pure Data went even further with even more patches playing on two Raspberry Pi micro-computers! On top of all that is some Eurorack fun!

Video Description:

Ariel Raguet

Flores20191013 01 PD rpi rpi Dixie modular

Pure Data in a Lenovo Thinkpad sends 8 MIDI sequences of 4 notes each to an iPad Pro in an Alesis iODOCKII running an 8 KQ Dixie's sessions in AUM:
Sequences are chromatic random.
Also coarse, fine, , detune, feedback, EG R1, EG R4 (for all operators), panning, LFO in S&H mode with random speed are sending by the Pure Data sequencer.

Pure Data in two Raspberry Pi make granulations of wav files.

Korg SQ-1 sends notes to eurorack modular synth with:
Make Noise Wogglebug: random voltage and random clock source.
Make Noise Telharmonic: polyphonic phase modulation and harmonic additive digital sound source.
Befaco EvenVCO: monophonic analog pulse and sine waves.
Sistemas Modulares Núcleo 24dB VCF: filter for the pulse wave.
Agustin Aguirre RNDM: 2 channel random voltage generator.
Befaco Rampage: envelope generator and LFO.
Sistemas Modulares Núcleo Dual Linear VCA: amplitud control for pulse and sine waves.
Dual vactrol passive VCA: amplitude control for Telharmonics (cv from RNDM)
Rebel Technology Mix 02: mixing Telharmonic H out, P out, pulse wave and sine wave.
Tiptop uZeus: power

The general reverb is program 29 of a Behringer Xenyx 1002FX
The visuals are Winamp with Milkdrop2.

I wish to thank to Ryan Geiss for his awesome Milkdrop and all the artists that create those breathtaking presets.

October 15, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
It is a very dense sound landscape! thanks for publish!!
November 11, 2019  | person araguet

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