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Radio Head - Creep (Cover by Maria Calfa-DePaul)

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul did an emotive cover of Creep with a surprising signal chain. This is just recorded into her iPhone XR! She used LumaFusion to isolate the audio, which she could then master in Auria Pro. With the power of Auria, Maria tweaked the EQ and added PSP's Vintage Warmer and some Convolutional Reverb.

Video Description:

I hope you like my slowed down ukulele interpretation of the hit song.
I'm playing a Lohanu Baritone ukulele that came strung with strings for a "regularly" tuned uke (GCEA even with the hig G) but since I have some hand problems it made it easier to play then the smaller size ukuleles so I kept the strings on that came with it.

I'm not making any money from this song. It's only for education purposes.
Thank you for listening. I do have original music that is available for purchase on Bandcamp.
Thanks so much

September 13, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
One of my favorite Radiohead songs. I still teach it to guitar students once they start to get a handle on barre chords. I think lots of people can relate to feelings in this song (angst ain't just for teens any more).

Bailey looks like a magical little being. What a sweety! She's lucky to have such a loving human friend.
September 14, 2019  | favorite_border stub
Awe thanks so much !! And that’s cool about teaching it. It is a great song ! My adult children were happy that I didn’t sugar coat the lyrics if you know what I mean.
And thanks for your kind words about my dog. She really is and I can’t even believe what happened yesterday (which happens to have been Friday the 13th!!) she fell down the entire set of basement steps. They are steep and the bottom is concrete. I swear I don’t know how she didn’t die or hurt herself. She and I were both shook up for the night but she woke up this morning (in my bed of course) like nothing ever happened. THANK God. I lost my dad - few months ago and I got so scared that I was going to lose her too. I know at 17+ every day is a gift!!! Thanks again
And thanks Tim for featuring my video!!💕
September 14, 2019  | person sleepingangel
Yikes!! So glad everything is ok. She may be a little sore, but probably at 17+ she's a little sore anyway. I'm sure you take the best care of her. She's one of the lucky animals on the planet.

We lost our sweet pal about 3 years ago (and time does heal-- for sure). It was really tough. I'm a big softy, but I didn't know how low I could go. Oooph.

But your attitude ("every day is a gift!!!") is spot on. Take care, @Sleepingangel
September 14, 2019  | favorite_border stub

...And deepest condolences about your dad. That is a huge and heavy event. My dad passed 15 years ago and it was a powerful and life changing event and grieving process — there was some trauma for me, as well.

Make sure you take care of yourself, and seek your support crew often as you need it.
September 15, 2019  | favorite_border stub
Thank you so much for your condolences. And it felt good to know that I’m no crazy with how much his loss is affecting me. It’s almaot 5 months but I can start crying at the drop of a hat. It’s the craziest and sometimes silliest things too that will trigger a memory. But I’m also sorry for your loss. Thank you for that 💕
September 15, 2019  | person sleepingangel
Thank you for sharing your music with us.
September 15, 2019  | favorite_border stub
I just gotta say I loved it - I've been a Radiohead 'head' since the beginning. I still, sing Fake Plastic Trees in the quietest of moments. Thank U -
Kudo's to you and your pup - (and they called it Puppy Love)
September 16, 2019  | person RCBuckley
September 16, 2019  | person Redoom
Thank you all so much for the nice comments. It’s made me feel so happy to see how well received the video has been ! Thanks for your support!!
September 16, 2019  | person sleepingangel

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