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Tube AU by Blue Mangoo

Blue Mangoo released Tube AU, an AUv3 plugin for YouTube content. They have to be very careful about how they market this... but I don't! This is going to be a boon for anyone that wants to sample from YouTube videos! Just plug this into your AUv3 host and you can then record YouTube audio into your AUv3 arsenal.

Tube AU iTunes Description:

Tube AU is a web video player audio unit plugin.

The plugin user interface looks like an ordinary web browser but there are some small differences. First, the audio stream is sent to the audio unit plugin output. Secondly, the browser is limited to viewing only YouTube.

This is useful for processing audio effects on YouTube videos. For example, you can use a pitch shifter plugin to change the key when singing karaoke, or test compressor plugins on professionally mixed music.

Note that this is an audio unit plugin only; it does not run as a stand-alone app.
July 08, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
i been thinking there needs to be one for podcasts, so u can have a seperate eq and vol just to listen while composing but to take samples too. Much less copyright concerns id think too beings its easier to clear from podcasters id think and id guess most would be much cooler with being sampled than youtube....
July 08, 2019  | person_outline Cyp3
One usage can be similar to tuning random radio stations. In a Facebook group about DAWfree musicking, someone was dismissing use of YouTube because of the sound quality, claiming that ”it’s not snobbery, it’s science”. Thing is, there are many ways to use different sound sources which have little to do with sound quality.

For instance, it’s really fun to play with different videos at the same time. I was using an envelope follower on a Mr. Bean video to modulate a filter and other effects on a video about dog breeds. Not that I’ll make that into a formal piece but it felt quite satisfying. And it could indeed become part of a performance.
Isn't YouTube audio at 256kbps AAC (320k MP3 equivalent)? Anyone turning their nose up at that is a snob.
Went to get it and it won’t let you buy it. Damn really wanted it.
July 09, 2019  | person_outline claude

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