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Compressor Audio Unit by Blue Mangoo

Blue Mangoo released Compressor Audio Unit today. If they keep releasing all of these AUv3 effects we're going to have to stop thinking of them as the iFretless folks. In addition to this new Compressor, today they've released a binaural panner but that hasn't propagated on iTunes yet.

Compressor Audio Unit iTunes Description:

At the heart of this compressor is a unique envelope follower design that makes it possible to compress the signal without creating distortion harmonics. 

On the spectrum of compressor tone that ranges from "vintage analog" to "pristine digital", this plugin sits at the extreme end of low-noise digital clarity, but it is different from other low-noise digital designs because it doesn't use digital look-ahead. Therefore its response time is immediate, it adds no extra delay to the signal chain, and it works great for processing real-time performance effects. 

It uses no oversampling so there is no phase distortion or loss of high-frequency energy from anti-aliasing filters. It also uses no digital-style filters (FIR filters). Although it is not a model of an existing piece analog hardware, every component of its signal path is realizable in the analog domain. We think of it as a digital model of our ideal analog compressor: it could exist as an analog circuit but would be very expensive to build with physical analog electronic parts.

The user interface is 100% scalable, designed specifically for iOS, so it looks beautiful at any screen size or orientation, from tiny portrait views in AUM on iPhone to the largest full-screen views on iPad Pro.

Blue Mangoo are so confident in their compressor that they're demoing it against the competition.

June 11, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
That. was. FASCINATING!! This vid was an illuminating way of seeing iOS compressors in a very nitty gritty and objective way. That was a fair amount of work, it seems.

I'd like to clarify one thing that he said about EQ. When he showed one of the compressors as coloring the EQ heavily, he cautioned that it would require corrective EQ. It should be remembered that this EQ change is only happening when the compressor is working-- not at all times. It is also possible that the EQ curve is most present when the signal is kicked down the furthest.

Compressors are used differently by different people and in different contexts. Some for peak limiting, and some for more drastic and constant riding of level.

So you would have your basic, pre-compression EQ, and then in the case of the compressor that affects your EQ, it would only do that when the compressor is kicking the signal down. And I'm not sure if the distortion increases in a linear way with higher compression. His test didn't indicate this.

This test made me think about how I might prefer to do compression as one process and, if I want some harmonic distortion, to do that with a separate processor. Which raises another question., what kind of aliasing would we see from various distortion/tube emulations?

In any case, I am totally sold on having a very clean and linear compressor, and will be buying this.
A very interesting video; the aliasing distortion differences between the compressor designs is striking both visually and audibly ..
June 12, 2019  | person Roikat
I have all of the compressors he did the signal analysis tests on except Woodpressor and MagicDeathEye. I wish he would have done the Waves plugin channel strip compressor in Cubasis too, and the same for the Audio Damage Channel Strip compressor which is very different from their Rough Rider. I found this test info so useful I bought his plugin and plan to use early it in the chain on single channels. I’m doing a lot of experiments lately in an attempt to improve my ios gain staging technique and doing compression in more stages, and not always using the Fabfilter Q2. I hope he does future comparisons like limiters. I really appreciate the developer sharing this info.
June 12, 2019  | person_outline claude
That was Fabfilter C2I always use not Q2 (which I also use the most as an EQ). FFC2 is only available in Auria and I’m seeking the best universal ios compressor AU I can use in Beatmaker 3, Cubasis and AUM.
June 12, 2019  | person_outline claude
One thing I require in a compressor is good metering.
June 12, 2019  | person_outline El Jeffe

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