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K7D Giveaway

Reader Skiphunt spoke with Imaginado to organized a giveaway for you guys here! How cool is that? This is for their new K7D - Tape Delay, released earlier this week.

Just register and comment here for a chance to win one of three copies! Codes will go out tomorrow morning!

In the comments here wooliscool pointed out that the name of the app is a Portuguese pun. 7 is "sete" in Portuguese, and K is pronounced "Ka." This means the name of the app is, "Ka-Sete D". Kassete in Portuguese, or Cassette tape in English.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Nonny Moose, Bristol Manor, and burnalot!

May 09, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
That’ll do pig, that’ll do.
Free? That’s my favourite price!
Count me in!
May 09, 2019  | person Matt
In it to win it
DRC is very nice... K7D would add some spice
I want it, thank you
May 09, 2019  | person Freddy
Hey, nice reduced Interface-how is its audio quality?
Maybe one day I will actually win something!
Count me in
In portuguese k7 reads “ka-sete” which means “tape” (7 in portuguese is “sete”)
Real word is cassete, deriving from “cassette”.
On May 09, 2019 - @wooliscool said:
In portuguese k7 reads “ka-sete” which means “tape” (7 in portuguese is “sete”)

Oh! Wow, that's a cute pun! Thanks for cluing us non-Portuguese speakers in.
Ready for some tape delay joy
yes please :-))
May 09, 2019  | person muki
Looks like a fun app!
Yes, please count me in for Ka-Sete Delay. Thanks.
Yes ! Thanks and Good luck !
I’m old enough to remember cassettes and young enough to make music on an iPad. This delay effect looks good.
May 09, 2019  | person nreyes
Imaginado makes very good apps ...
May 09, 2019  | person Sealex
Like DRC, good stuff
May 09, 2019  | person Mr Tibbs
Thank you for the chance!
Yes please!......please!......please!.....plea .... ..
May 09, 2019  | person SimHC
I love tape delays!
delay me
May 09, 2019  | person mchlnrvs
To quote Tom Peterson (not the bass player), Portland’s old late night TV commercial scion: “Free is a very good price!”
May 09, 2019  | person Humbuzz
Yay! Tape Delay! 🤩
i like kassete
May 09, 2019  | person vasre
K7D me please ASAP....you PYT you Tim.
Nice delay.
I’ll take one!!
I'm in. Looks cool.
May 09, 2019  | person Psych
I am in. am in. in.
It’s only $2.99, but is still love it for free. Am I awful????
May 09, 2019  | person bvsmv
Looks great!
May 09, 2019  | stars burnalot
Looks cool!!!
May 09, 2019  | person dismay
Love to enter the giveaway. Thanks @Skiphunt and Tim!
I’d like to say it’s “Saudade pelo calor da cassette”
May 10, 2019  | person abi
Look great! So many good audiounits. We're blessed!
Delayed contest entry… 🤞
Sounds pretty wild!
Thank you for the opportunity, imanginado is phenomenal!?!
Thank you Tim

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