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LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer Update

LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer, from Living Memory Software, got a big update full of features and fixes! They've added a new Hold mode on the arp, while retaining the old method as a latch. You can now edit parameters from handy "Dial Strips" for each layer in LayR.

Contest: I have two copies of LayR up for grabs! Register and comment on this post for a chance to win. Codes will go out early Saturday to give the winners a chance to play with it over the weekend!

Contest closed! Congratulations to burnalot, and Osidenick!

What's new in LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer v1.3.1:

- A new "Hold" mode for the Arpeggiator, the old hold mode is now called "Latch".
As long as at least one note is held down on the keyboard or via MIDI any other notes played will be added to the held chord.
When all notes are released the chord continues to play until another chord or note is played.
This makes it possible to play a chord on the keyboard and then change the key or sequence by playing another chord.
All existing presets will load and play as before in Latch mode.

- Added a new parameter editing panel in the editor: The "Dial Strip", see Link & Assign section in manual.
Dial Strip pops up a line of dials, one for the same parameter in every layer.
Use the strip to edit parameters in other layers and set links between parameters.

- Added view insets for devices without home buttons.

- Added an “Invert” button for Unipolar FM in the oscillator. This inverts the polarity of unipolar modulation.

- Added a button to the Editor menu bar to choose between Link Assign/Dial Strip or none.

- Fixed audio unit crash when host requests large buffer sizes.
- Fixed: Fixed character filtering that replaces some unusable characters from preset names before saving.
- Fixed: Voices with long attacks and long releases are no longer (incorrectly) restarted from the wrong level.
- Settings View: Performance MIDI channel selector is now greyed out if option is disabled.
- Some minor DSP engine optimisations.
- Updated Manual with new features in v1.3.1
March 15, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
Though LayR still doesn’t have MPE, this is one contest I’d like to win. I want to put the synth through it’s paces but, in my context, that’s not worth 36CAD.
LayR has been on my short list for a while...
March 15, 2019  | person Nonny Moose
LayR for FREE?! Yes, please.
March 15, 2019  | person Adam
It's very pretty, would like to try it!
March 15, 2019  | person chellman
yes please
March 15, 2019  | person mtclearwave
Please have some love for Australia and let me get one of those Tim
March 15, 2019  | person That guy
One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl!
Waiting to take this for a spin !!
On March 15, 2019 - @That guy said:
Please have some love for Australia and let me get one of those Tim

I'm afraid I am powerless to help you. You need to pray to RNGesus, because the Random Number Generator is how the winners get picked. Here's a video showing off the first contest from my perspective. I just click a button:

In less enlightened times, only the elite initiates knew to pray for the blessing of RNGesus, but now the generosity of RNGesus is available to all! Praise be, RNGrmadgeddon is at hand!
March 15, 2019  | person Roikat
Yes please!
Layer me up .... pleeeese!
Break me off a piece of that kit kat
I was about to ask why this app costs $26, but then I realized the Korg synths are all over $25 too. I guess I’m being biased toward big name developers, or by emulations of classic synths by said big name developers (which is really just their contracted developers, like Detune Ltd)...?
March 15, 2019  | person dysamoria
Yes , layR me pls.
March 15, 2019  | person vasre
March 15, 2019  | person Pso
Frito LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer. Food for the ears. Me hungry for that.
March 15, 2019  | person synfiniti
Throw me in the contest for layR, this would be a fun one to win!
March 15, 2019  | person Pixelpeer
March 15, 2019  | person wooliscool
Looks awesome! Would love to try it!
March 15, 2019  | person Spiteface
Oh man, I'd love to get LayR!
March 15, 2019  | person elpuma
Have yet to pick LayR, but the demos I’ve heard do sound great. Thanks for the chance to win!
March 15, 2019  | person Cliffy
Sounds interesting!
March 15, 2019  | stars Osidenick
Layr sounds wonderful!
March 15, 2019  | person emac
This synth looks amazing!
Me! RNG pick me!!!
March 15, 2019  | person MikeV
What’s the consensus on this synth?
March 15, 2019  | person Charlie
Have it! Love it! Get it! Def worth the price, even if you don't win the promo!!
March 16, 2019  | person BDBaker1958
Oh HELL yes, please!
March 16, 2019  | stars burnalot
Hell yeah! I would really like to get my hands on one copy of Layr.
March 16, 2019  | person bazebuster
Love your site! Want a copy, please!
I've been checking this on the appstore every other day for the last few months, hoping for a sale.

Would love to get it free :)
March 16, 2019  | person elbow
This is one app I’d like to try ! I’ve been hoping for a sale as I missed the promo price! Cool beans for the contest!
Thanks Tim

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