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Vincent Sebastian - 80's Synth Vibe

YouTuber Vincent Sebastian brings us some good vibes with his Volca Sample and Korg Gadget!

Video Description:

Mind if I just vibe on these chords for a minute?


January 07, 2019  | person_outline Tim Webb
The Bleass advert blinks obnoxiously. It is really bothersome to the eyes. This is why we use ad blockers.
January 08, 2019  | person dysamoria
@dysamoria: Or... you could support the site! ;)

I'm going to announce it later this week, but I released a stealth update to the site last night.

Among the new features is Timmeon! This is my own take on Patreon, and I could use people testing it with real world money. So far pantsofdeath helped me out with a PayPal test, but Timmeon can also accept credit cards, securely via Braintree (a PayPal company).

Timmeon Patrons get all of the same benefits as Patreon Patrons, including Ad Free viewing!

(If it looks weird, do a hard-refresh by holding shift and clicking your browser's reload button.)
Tim, I'm willing to test a credit card payment. With Timmeon is there an option for single one-time payments rather than monthly or per video?
@Frozen Lonesome: No... You'd think that sort of thing would be easy, but it greatly complicates everything. Presently the site is now checking 3 different places to see if someone is a Patron.

1) The original Patreon (the per video one)
2) The site Patreon (per month)
3) This new thing I built out of Braintree (per month)

Trying to properly credit people as "Patrons" for a one-time thing is not impossible, but it adds another layer to an already massive behemoth of code. It is currently geared towards checking the active status subscriptions.

Although... I suppose Timmeon could be used in this manner. I made sure it is super easy to cancel your subscription. So anyone wanting to do a one-time thing can sign up through Braintree and immediately cancel the subscription from your profile page. They'd be a Patron for a month (no matter how much they gave), before the system would then de-Patron them.

In your case it would not de-Patron you, if you are still an active Patron on any of the Patreons.
Sent you a CC test payment.
It looks like it worked! While I was checking to make sure it didn't do anything weird to your account I spotted a mostly unrelated issue I neglected. You hit two birds with one stone! Thanks!

I noticed that you opted-in for receipts. Did you get one from Braintree?
Yes. I'll forward it to you via email.

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