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sonogrid by rCreativ

rCreativ released sonogrid, which they bill as, "A musical toy for serious play." They live up to that claim with a fun take on sequencing and useful features like MIDI out. Ableton Link is not yet included in the app, but they promise it is on the way. The iTunes description is super long so I've cut it in half. Go to iTunes to read it in full.

sonogrid iTunes Description:

"A musical toy for serious play."

sonogrid helps you deeply explore music.

You can use it like a drum machine, an advanced metronome, an ear trainer, compositional sketchpad, or just to have fun with sound and music.

No musical experience is necessary to enjoy the app, and that's what makes it fun, but certain features might feed your creativity if you already make music. For musicians, there are new time signatures, polyrhythms, scales, and the possibility to combine any of them in new ways. For dancers, a highly-flexible accompaniment that never needs to stop. For teachers, a clear way to represent time and help students understand the space between beats. For improvisers, something fun to play along with and to take you to new spaces. For music nerds, plans cancelled.

Use the app's powerful features for beat making, ear training, keeping time, performing, and creative exploration. Most importantly, have fun!

* * * FEATURES * * *

1. Part imagination, part puzzle.

The main concept is to put looping rhythms on the screen in a way that they all relate to each other. Transform rhythms visually by shifting, stretching, and snapping.

2. More than 2, 4, 8, 16.

The app is designed as a creative tool, with a screen that's mostly a blank canvas for your ideas. It is a new way to explore the deep world of rhythm, and with virtually infinite possibilities you are not limited to even numbers.

3. Easy button or eighty-eight keys?

Notes are selected automatically by default so that you can start quickly, but if you need more control you can manually select one for each track from a full-size piano keyboard.

4. Plays nice with others.

The app comes with many built-in instruments but you can also send notes live to other apps if you want to have custom sounds. You can send MIDI out (maybe to a synthesizer app like Audulus, or a DAW on your computer like Ableton Live). You can also export your project to a standard MIDI file which can be played back on any device.

5. You already know how to use it.

The interface is similar to multi-track recording software so you can mute, solo, move, stretch, and manage tracks intuitively.

6. Tenori to the limit.

The familiar step sequencer has been transformed to be more flexible, but the idea of turning notes 'on' and 'off' is the same.

7. You got options.

The powerful transformations on each track are easy to access and understand. No mystery-meat navigation.

8. When does it line up?

The phase is automatically calculated so you know when the pattern will repeat.

Dj Puzzle from iPadLoops did a quick demo of the new app in action!

September 10, 2018  | person_outline Tim Webb
Hell yea!

And only a buck!!

If each step could have its own note, that'd be swell. But the description is right that it does make a nice metronome, and while Metronomics does all this and more, it lacks MIDI and isn't very fast to use.

There's an older app called MultiRhythms that has some of these features, but this does take it to a differen't place.

I gotta say, I do love those little clicky sounds.
September 10, 2018  | favorite_border stub
Pure Gem. If it get's IAA I'll be over the moon.
September 10, 2018  | person_outline Pete
Sweet, fripp would be proud.
September 10, 2018  | person Oceans in space
Are there track level controls anywhere? I couldn't see any.
September 11, 2018  | favorite_border stub
Yea, there's no level controls.

I don't do email on my device, so I couldn't send feedback. But there are a couple of obvious things to fix.

1. Tweak how tempos are adjusted. It's good, but perhaps there could be more buttons like +/- .1, 1, 10.

2. The keyboard for picking notes is too small to use easily.

3. Revamp the set up so you can add ALL custom sounds (if you want), and dump what's there. I don't mind the samples that are included, but if it was customizable, that would be more fun.

4. Add level (CC7) and pan (CC11) controls.

5. If they made that track window vertically zoomable, they could make each step a box where you can enter velocity for each step (like just dragging up and down and making the step box taller or shorter.

6. This is a hair split, but the track window could show faint vertical guidelines that show the metronome clicks, and or a floating ruler with no numbers, just metronome/tempo beats. That's it.

I suppose they avoid all this by providing MIDI out, so you can do all the tweaking you want externally. But this is a pretty fun concept, and I
September 11, 2018  | favorite_border stub
This thing is awesome! In addition to @stub's suggestions, it REALLY needs the ability to set per-step velocity.

This interface is the best I've seen in iOS for creating these types of rhythms AND adjusting them *quickly*.

Link and velocity and it's pretty much perfect.
September 11, 2018  | person DrüMünkey
I like the concept and because of the price I bought it with no hesitation. But with the same concept, polyrhythmic and asynchronous rhythm based on generated and randomized patterns, with mathematical transformations, the app Concentric Rhythm is way more better, with a lot more features you don’t have in sonogrid (midi out, sample import, mixer, basic effects...). And the price of Concentric Rhythm is very cheap too.
September 11, 2018  | person Cyril
it's really a rainfall simulator :)
September 12, 2018  | person_outline jc

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