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Rozeta Scaler - Coming Soon to Rozeta by Bram Bos

Developer Bram Bos shows off the 10th plugin coming to his Rozeta Sequencer Suite. Scaler lets you take any incoming MIDI and bring in into a specified scale. This allows for easy transposition, or simply making sure you don't fuck up by playing out of key.

Video Description:

Plugin #10 in the Rozeta Sequencer Suite

This plugin will function as a Scale Quantizer / Transposer plugin. It can process any incoming MIDI and quantize it to a user-defined scale + root key. The MIDI stream can be transposed before and/or after being scaled.

Possible uses: making sure you're playing only notes in the right key of your music, transposing/quantizing a MIDI track from another app, experimenting your music sounds in another key etc.

Coming soon.

June 07, 2018  | person_outline Tim Webb
I THINK I get what this does? Horrible demo though, truly.
June 08, 2018  | person burnalot
I'm only really interested in this if it offers support for importing both .scl and .tun files... Preferably ones that are editable via text files. Hope you're listening, Bram.
It’s out now.
June 09, 2018  | person Re5etuk

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