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Z3TA+ Update

Following the reaction from Momentum's release two weeks ago, Cakewalk has released an update to Z3TA+! This is the first time the beloved synth has been updated since 2015, and is now iOS 11 compatible!

After the vitriol hurled at Cakewalk on the Audiobus forum, we have an excellent outcome for the community. The system works! I'm not sure what that system is exactly, but I believe we owe the AB crowd our gratitude. Thanks for calling Cakewalk "twats" I guess...

What's new in Z3TA+ v1.3.3:

Alive and updated for iOS 11. We fixed the crash when sharing presets, and also fixed the preset list appearing blank the first time it is opened.
November 08, 2017  | person_outline Tim Webb
AB forum = 4chan?
November 08, 2017  | person_outline Matt
Good job! Precisely what we needed from you, Tim!
November 08, 2017  | person_outline Alex Enkerli
Democracy at work.
November 08, 2017  | person distantanimals
On November 08, 2017 - @Alex Enkerli said:
Good job! Precisely what we needed from you, Tim!

Thanks, Alex. I read your comments in the other thread and agreed!
Pressuring them to react once is interesting. Getting them to change their corporate culture... well...
November 08, 2017  | person dysamoria
And they fixed the "blank presets on first press" bug!! That has been in the app since day one!
There’s no way this could cause a stir in the Audiobus forum. http://cdm.link/2017/11/gibson-just-killed-cakewalk-philips/
November 21, 2017  | favorite_border Enkerli
Yeah, I've been trying to get in touch with my Cakewalk contact... I think they fired him. :(

RIP in Peace, my dude.

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