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Cleaning up the Comments Section

I've been really reluctant to moderate the comments here. After a lot of feedback from regular readers, I'm going to start.

I've just banned Zaxis. He is the only person I've ever banned, but he has now been banned on 3 seperate IP addresses. The signal to noise ratio was just becoming entirely unacceptable. I've tried to avoid making any hard rules, because real trouble makers will just weasel around them. I'm starting to get embarrassed by the comments here though, so effective today I have instituted:

The Mullet Rule

Business in front, party in the back!

This has always been my unofficial position. I try to keep posts here relatively safe for work. If any video or audio is over the top or includes Samuel L Jackson, I'll post it in the comments as a Director's Cut. I think that's a reasonable compromise from total censorship. This way if I say something in text your boss would have to be reading over your should to take offense. If it is something that might come unexpectedly out of your speakers it goes in the comments section with lots of disclaimers.

Sometimes it isn't even offensive material, just additional information or videos that I thought would make the article too long.

The comments section is where we can let our hair down. If you are saying stuff that would get you kicked out of a party then it won't fly here either. You're welcome to be critical of whatever you want, but make it substantive. In my reviews if I am being negative about an app I try to go into specific details of my grievances. I expect the same of you and not merely some tirade at a developer. The same goes for any kind of politics or zealotry. You wouldn't go on about politics at a party, nor some Apple vs Android rant. That's just not cool and will be a violation of The Mullet Rule.

Punishment for offenses will be on a case by case basis. My access filters only allow me to ban people from viewing the site, and not simply prevent them from commenting. This is not something I ever want to do, but if you're causing problems and keeping me from working on articles for the site then I'm going to have to do it.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Tim Webb

Let me be the first to thank you for getting rid of captcha!

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Zymos

Yeah, what Zymos said.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

Yea, reCaptcha used to be such a great service, but lately it has been kind of hit-or-miss. I recently had the experience on another site, where I had to retype something like 6 times in a row before it accepted it. This could be a major pain in the ass for folks coming here on their phones or even iPads.

Fortunately the Squarespace apps for Android and iOS are pretty stellar, so I can easily reply to or delete posts no matter where I am, from multiple devices.

Good move. This is your site, and if someone is leaving unacceptable comments, it reflects badly on you as well. A person's blog isn't a democracy, so banning jackasses is the right thing to do.

I don't know what it is about trolls on music sites, but they infested the comments section of Palm Sounds for a while too, to the point where Ashley disabled comments entirely for a time. The comments on Synthtopia posts are often filled with the same negative assholes, too.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Hypersleep

pams sounds isn't lively in comments after its re-birth..

September 24, 2012  | person_outline qmish

This is why we can't have nice things. Apart from iPads and Samuel Jackson.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline planetfrog

I think you've been more than fair. It was getting way beyond lively discussion, and if people can't behave with a modicum of respect for others, they have to be put on the naughty step.
I can't help thinking that if Ashley had done something sooner, it may not have ended up the way it did.
I read those comments on "that synth site" and well - I mean wow! What's all that about?
It's a funny old world.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Bleb

Sad to see that Jinx Padlock guy being a troll in that same post's comments, too. He has some good songs on his SoundCloud and was interviewed by iOS Musician, and he seemed like a decent enough guy, but I guess we've seen his true colors now.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Hypersleep


I've been alerted to this from a friend of mine who saw something odd on this site yesterday. It appears that Zaxis has taken his campaign onto the blogs.
I've just seen the Audiobus thread - certainly not my opinions, or indeed, comments.
The sad things here are that I'm sure he wont stop there, and I'm never going to see the full extent of his rubbishing of my name.
A sad, sad little man - I apologise for any upset that you thought I'd made.
Just for the record, I'll not be commenting on anymore blogs - so if you see me pop up slagging stagging stuff off - its likeyl to be the toad!



September 25, 2012  | person_outline Pezzer/ Jinxpadlock

ugh, sorry to hear that Pez.

Time for logins?

September 25, 2012  | person_outline Will

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