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Audiobus Support Confirmed for Auria & Thumb/DrumJam

Early this morning the @AudiobusApp Twitter account revealed two interesting links! Developers from WaveMachine Labs, makers of Auria, and Sonosaurus, Thumb/DrumJam, have stated they're working on implementing Audiobus.

Rim, WaveMachine Labs in a thread on Audiobus' approval by Apple.

Sonosaurus developer Jesse in a thread requesting Audiobus support in DrumJam.

Neither have said if they will be available at launch, when Audiobus is released officially. I can confirm they are both on the short list of developers with early access to the SDK.

September 22, 2012  | person_outline Tim Webb

any word on some app that might rhyme with Bano Sbudio?? ;)

September 22, 2012  | person_outline RMG

Excitement building.... Every post makes me a little more giddy...

September 22, 2012  | person_outline Invisiblesupermonkey

Looks like ill be buying Auria shortly...

September 23, 2012  | person_outline Hogo

So much hype about it and apparently approved by Apple, but when will it be released...?
Starting to be bored with all those AudioBus news...
BTW; Is there a demo video available to demonstrate it? All I see so far are few snapshots with claims that it works, but nothing else.
Also why jump the gun with the announcement that it was approved followed by the statement that they will not release it anytime soon..?!

September 23, 2012  | person_outline Jinx [Not really Jinx - BANNED]

have to agree with jinx on this one

so much hype, this app was supposed to have been out months ago but all there is is talk that this dev and that dev are on board.

is there conclusive evidence that apple have indeed approved it for release (when the devs are actually ready to launch their updates?)

i have seen that the audiobus devs have stated the app is ready, what is the hold up? just release the app if it is ready and let the devs who have not yet tuned their apps to the sdk catch up?

this is like a soap opera...and i fully agree that these screen shots prove nothing-show us a video, better still, let us try it for ourselves!

best release it soon before apple change their minds..people are going to get fed up by hearing about this and that very soon..

September 24, 2012  | person_outline zaxis

No. Release it when it's ready. As opposed to single apps, 'it' in this case refers to the ecosystem of apps that support it. Releasing it with one app supporting it is silly. They'll lose all of the release momentum to users saying 'um, meh'. Also, talking about it first helps other devs get interested and ready. I think it was a smart move.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

And to be a discchord stick in the mud, I hope if it works as well as the claims that devs make it an IAP for existing owners. It will dramatically increasing the value of some apps and there is no reason to expect all of that value for free.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

I'm happy with a release when it's ready -- there should be a critical mass of a few apps that support it, to get the ball rolling. I intend to jump on board with my apps as fast as I can once the SDK is released (unless of course they let me get early access, oh please oh please oh please!).

It sounds like the Audiobus hub will be reasonably priced. I won't do IAP in my stuff because I personally don't like it -- but every developer will get to decide for themselves what to do.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Fessaboy

I'm hoping devs make the updated Audiobus support free, since the SDK is free for them! Very few apps charge an IAP for Sonoma ACP, for the same reasons.

You nailed it on the head about the wait though. Audiobus would have a poor launch if only a few apps support it. The hold up is the schedules for all the third-party devs. Most apps just have one dev with a day job.

Why would anyone hope it's an IAP ?!

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Zymos

To be honest, I don't even care about it...
BTW; Apple interconnect api will take over before this S..T is released ;)

September 24, 2012  | person_outline JinX [Not really Jinx - BANNED]

The people complaining about this are beyond comprehension. I can't take them seriously, and it makes me wonder what ulterior motives they might have to be so negative over inconsequential things. They're complaining about something that isn't even available, yet. Once it does become available, no one will force anyone to buy it.

The news that Audiobus was approved by Apple was announced because... it's news. Go figure! If you are getting tired of news about Audiobus, then why are you reading it and commenting on it multiple times? There are millions of legitimate things in the world to get one's panties in a bunch about, and you're crying about something that affects your life in no way whatsoever. It must suck to be you.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline sonicflux

Your an idiot

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Jinx [Not really Jinx - BANNED]

I couldn't agree more; I'm more than a little disappointed that a lot of people (both here and on other sites) seem to have taken this attitude towards Audiobus. 
You would all be quick to moan if it wasn't working properly, or only had a couple of apps that supported it on release day!
The fact of the matter is; this is the first time anything like this has happened, and it's revolutionary. 
The development team has done everything right, in my opinion; They have loads of other developers on board, and have already announced only a fraction of them. They've already got it approved by Apple.  
The most important thing though, is that they're getting the sdk to developers, and doing extensive testing; which all takes time (logistically
It must be a nightmare). 
At least when it is released, we'll all be able to use it straight away, with most of the apps we already own. 
I wish every developer was as thorough as these guys. 

There is a least one really cool app on the way, that might just ease the wait for Audiobus. 

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Blebhead

What a lot of bull

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Jinx [Not really Jinx - BANNED]

for the record, me and jinx are not same person, Tim will tell you by looking at ip addresses

Me and jinx ( if it's mr padlock that is ) have a disagreement about something else actually, but we have common ground here

Not whining about the app itself, if it does what it claims to do, then I'm in, damn right I'm in...I'll run PPG Wavegenerator and drum jam through it and record in BM2 or similair

It's just that we see screen shots, hear the devs saying this app and that app will be on board, and a few apps are running fine with it apparently

At least show us a video?

Words and photos are cheap..

Just like the idiot who is going around stating that PPG don't work after ios6 and another on ipad1- wrong, I run PPG new version on ipad1 and it works great, putting out recordings some 12 minutes long and people can see the evidence, and my friends are using PPG on ipad2 and 3 AFTER ios6 and it's running.

So if audio bus can show a video then that will calm certain people down. If the app works then AMAZING! I'll tell my people, help sell a few hundred or thousand units. But I can't share screen shots or promises..

Tim, check your private messages

September 24, 2012  | person_outline zaxis

Bleb: It really isn't all that many people. It is mostly just Zaxis. I'm not sure why he has taken it upon himself to be the champion against the sinister Audiobus, but he has been posting as multiple people here and Synthtopia. In fact he got caught on Synthtopia recently and had a very amusing public break down. http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2012/09/15/is-the-iphone-5-now-the-only-real-option-for-handheld-music-making/ (scroll to the bottom, the last 5 or 6 are him increasingly lossing his shit.

I've banned two of his IPs here for the same reason. He's also banned on iDesignSound, for causing trouble and making threats. I've let him keep this IP unbanned because he is posting under only one name, and hasn't been too much of a dick.

I'm sad to see he has Jinx in on the act now though, because I respect him as a dedicated iOS musician and love his dark music. http://soundcloud.com/jinxpadlock
Jinx: Enjoy your friendship while it lasts. Zac was cool with Chip (iOS Music & You) before some paranoia made him flip on him. He was a friend of mine from December through March, but then his paranoia reared up and he decided I was talking shit about him (which I wasn't, before he started spamming here). Now I can't shake him and he is an endless source of threats along with pestering my advertisers. You don't want any part of that dude, he is 41 and carries on like he's 14.

When calling someone an idiot, it's probably a good idea to spell "you're" correctly. Just a tip.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline sonicflux

Show us the video what Audiobus can do please...
Otherwise can we consider it vapourware?

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Jinx [Not really Jinx - BANNED]

All assholerey aside, why DON'T they put out a video demo? It's not that they need to proove to me or anyone that it exists ( I don't have any doubts) , but it just seems like common practice.

Funny, I signed up for their email list, and just this AM got a message of the same news that Tim posted he 2 days ago. So if you want the scoops before everyone else, keep it tuned to Discchord!

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Zymos

wow Tim, you have really gone below the belt this time

Causing trouble and making threats on idesignsound? How so? Just because I stood up for propellerheads when idesignsound was posting comments slamming the props because they didn't release the app with acp initially? Come on dude, get a grip, publish the whole comments section from that incident why don't you?

FYI me and jinx are not mates, we are at war over PPG wave generator which he is publicly slamming as not working, and we just exchanged emails about this right now actually

And how the hell have I pestered any of your advertisers? NOT DONE SO, PROVIDE EVIDENCE! You cannot, it's lies

I have no interest in your advertisers Tim, but maybe they should be interested in you after all this?

And yes I was cool with chip and with a few others until they decided to turn because of Alex, who is actually Ashley, who is actually android musician and gosh knows who else

You can't just state things like this without backing it up, will you publish my reply? Doubt it, but I have the screenshot of you defaming me right now and Tim, that is just some decent evidence I could use right now legally

I have no issue with audiobus and will support it, if I see it working,above and beyond screenshots and words

Any way thanks, the way you have just dealt with me proves my point conclusively and absolutely

We will be in touch, many thanks :)

September 24, 2012  | person_outline zaxis

Yea, put me in line right with your solicitor right after Synthtopia. I'm in good company!

That "14 year old" comment appears to be pretty accurate.
"we are at war over PPG"! God, get a life...

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Zymos

Hold on a minute, synthtopia has nothing to do with me, you get evidence from synthtopia that I actually posted, THAT IT WAS REALLY ME, make that public, go see if you can

You thrive on controversy, using shock tactics Tim, that gets you a few hits doesn't it, so you can try convince people you are worth advertising with?

You want to make yourself look good and the others including myself look like the bad guy? Come on, get real, this is small stuff, your blog, mine,or any of the others bar synthtopia have no real influence in this world ..

go get your lawyers ready, I will post the screenshot, the link and speak with squarespace on Tuesday if you have not done the necessary

September 24, 2012  | person_outline zaxis

quote from Tim
". Now I can't shake him and he is an endless source of threats along with pestering my advertisers"


apart from one of them, the others have sent me promocodes, I've advertised their apps and even beta tested two..

Go figure, how is that pestering?

That is why you need to remove your statement, it's faulty...

Think before open mouth..

Btw, we are not at war over PPG, that is issue is being dealt with, it is a matter of principle and general etiquette that is amiss here and general misinformation that has its source quite close by

September 24, 2012  | person_outline zaxis

so tired of unrelated arguments in news story comments. I keep thinking maybe there's some more news related discussion going on but NOPE

September 24, 2012  | person_outline RMG


as you can see, Discchord attracts controversy and bitch fights and that is why he wanted to post something in an attempt to defame me.

don't worry, things are happening behind the scenes as I write to ensure no further repeat performances

For the record, the few blogs that get any comments are usually full of the same bitch fights, but note that most posts get hardly any comments, some, like palmsounds get NONE

Just a bunch of people talking...hoping to make smoke money and promo codes from the developers

If you want news, app store is best place and if you want reality- CNN or BBC

September 24, 2012  | person_outline zaxis

You deny harassing my advertisers, but in the very next comment you threaten to go after my host.

If I ever hear from a real lawyer, I'll counter-sue for all you've posted about me on your site; many of which have been libelous in UK law. Never mind that you removed them, I know how the Internet works and have backups.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure you're broke. Maybe I'll do the Internet a favor and sue for that iPhone you use to smear shit.

I'm getting sick of the off-topic posts too, so Zaxis will be banned this afternoon. That's his 3rd IP banned so far!

Tim! This stuff sucks! Now I know why I don't have a blog! But on the topic of Audiobus, and in particular (related to that wonderful Marcu Padrini jam you just posted) do you have any idea as to whether GeoSynth will be supporting Audiobus? I love that app so much. Like any instrument it takes awhile to get proficient. Now if only we could record...

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Johnser

I'll ask Rob, one of the developers. I think he was excited about Audiobus, so maybe he can share some of his thoughts about how he plans to implement it.

@zymos Let's say you were the creator of Thumbjam and we hung out at the same coffee shop. Let's also say, you released audiobus support in TJ yesterday and I was up to 4am fucking around having a grand old time. If I saw you at the coffee shop the next day, I'd say 'Hey thanks! Audiobus support is so freaking fun!' and then I'd buy you your soy latte.

Most IAPs are about the cost of a latte. I'm all for it.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

Another app I'd really like to see adopt Audiobus, is Otomata. I've recorded a few bits from it, but your options are limited because there's no way to render without the delay. If he adopted Audiobus, it could be like an iOS version of a Reaktor ensemble. Maybe we could put a list of more obscure, or less well known apps together, and ask the developers to consider getting on board?
The more I think about what Audiobus could become, the more excited I get. My main problem is trying to not use phrases like "off the hook" etc.
Damn it; #epic fail!

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Blebhead

There's a big difference in you buying me a soy latte ( thanks, but no thanks) voluntarily out of gratutie, and me telling you that you MUST buy me one if you want to be able to use audiobus.
I definitely plan on purchasing audiobus, but if ALL devs had IAP to enable it, I would definitely not automatically pay extra for it in ALL of my apps. Like most of us, I own lots of them- I think I have all that have announced they will be supporting audiobus, not to mention those waiting in the wings to be included. Add all those IAPs, and it is going to be much much more expensive than a cup of coffee.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Zymos

Bearing in mind Animoog and MIDI... PS I'd love to get geosynth with it as well, and looking at a comment he made when it first came out that audiocopying was the wrong solution and he would not be keen on it he may well go for audobus compatability. i suppose it depends on how much work it entails, because I doubt there's much (any?) extra remuneration for his toils, currently.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Owen

Starting to sound more like discchan than discchord 'round here... ;)

September 24, 2012  | person_outline ronzlo

@zymos almond milk, perhaps? beer? shot of bourbon? :)

Of course, it's not the same philosophically as being forced to pay but financially, it is. I agree: if all devs charged a cup of coffee for audiobus support, I wouldn't be hitting 'buy' on all of my apps too quickly. But really, that's not their problem, it's ours. I don't really need audiobus support in 40 apps anyway but that's beside the point. Audiobus support (if it's as awesome as we hear) is worth money to me. Money i'd gladly pay in certain apps.

Without any upgrade paths on the app store, devs have to make a living however they can. For some of my favorite apps, I'd selfishly rather that be through in app purchases rather than creating new apps (in order to expand their market). Revenue from IAP will keep them focused on improving the app in question instead of spreading dev time across multiple apps just so they can earn a living!

I dunno, I should just shut up I guess but the economics of $3.99 for years or support and new features just seems broken and unfair to creators. I'd rather pay more (we're talking a pint of beer 'more' in most instances here) and have the ecosystem and its creators stick around.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

@Will - I agree Audiobus adds value to apps, but that doesn't mean the apps should raise in price by that value. Many devs add features (add value) as par for the course, and the effect it has is to make the *current price* more attractive to new customers. Otherwise you do add value, but the overall perceived value of the app doesn't change. That should be the thinking here I reckon, especially if support is as easy as Audiobus marketing claims.

There's no rule saying devs have to keep adding features to the same product forever, if beep street came out with a Sunrizer 2 with a whole bunch of new goodies including Audiobus support I'd probably buy it on day 1. But I believe that improvements to the core functionality of the app should be free. I'm fine with Animoog charging for new timbres and sound packs (nice optional extras) but not so happy with the midi support (should be a core feature)

September 24, 2012  | person_outline RMG

@RMG, I totally agree that adding value shouldn't necessarily mean charging customers. I'm saying that if you're going to ask for more money, doing it when you're adding real value makes the most sense. I think audiobus will add real value. I guess I'm also saying it's completely appropriate for some of these devs to ask for some more money!

I'm not sure I see the difference between charging for a version 2 which collects a set of new features and charging for IAPs which allow you to buy only the features you want, when you want. They're both charging for new stuff and IAP seems more consumer friendly to me. Plus, no fragmentation. If the app store had a traditional paid-upgrade model, I don't think anyone would flinch at an annualish $3.99 Sunrizer upgrade that included new features.

Part of my feelings on this stuff may have to do with optimism about a gift economy. I bought Thumbjam almost 3 years ago for 8 dollars and have gotten free update after free update. Basically a gift at this point. I'm down to gift back a bit.

September 24, 2012  | person_outline Will

I guess I personally think that having fragmentation within the one app via IAP's is worse- ie, if you have lots of IAP's and each user could be dealing with quite a different set of tools. I feel like it leads to hazy design, there's no unified vision. Tabletop comes to mind when I think of this, and it puts me off. The other thing is that the more features you add to apps the more likely the whole thing needs a restructure to make it nicely designed and not cobbled together. I think there's real benefit to stepping back and saying- right, we're making a new version with xyz features, let's see what needs re-jigged to get it nicely packaged. It's a balance of course, but I don't think devs are forced to update one app forever for free

imo the real people who deserve our money are audiobus- they've done the legwork, risked it all getting rejected, and that's fine I'll be buying their app. The other app devs are getting value added to their app basically for free on the back of audiobus- as well as extra publicity whenever audiobus is mentioned, charging for it seems like a slight cash grab.

I suspect we could go back and forth about it forever though, I do hear where you're coming from. I would just be irked if many apps charged for what seems set to become a standard, if all goes well

September 24, 2012  | person_outline RMG

I really don't like IAP. I'd prefer finding new customers to extracting more cash from people who are already part of the user base. There's way more iDevice owners than I'll ever be able to reach -- I see zero chance of saturating the market, and not having anyone new who might want to buy something (if that ever happened, I'd already be crazy stupid rich). Free updates are a way to say "thank you" to early adopters, who make it possible for there to be new versions; if the new versions are better, new customers will appear. Other developers can do whatever they want, of course; that's just my $0.02.

If all goes well, the Audiobus team will make a fortune off of the hub app, which everyone will need if they're using the API. Many music making apps will become much more useful, and the whole ecosystem gets bigger. The only way it could get better is if there were unicorns and rainbows too; there's just not enough unicorns and rainbows.

September 25, 2012  | person_outline Fessaboy

Cheers, RMG. I understand what you're saying too. I would generally prefer the traditional discounted upgrade model (sounds like you would too). New features, some discounted price and a clean unified app ux. effing apple.

September 25, 2012  | person_outline Will

Fessaboy- are you able to talk about the app you are developing?
Sorry, kinda OT, just got curious...

September 25, 2012  | person_outline Zymos

@Zymos -- I'm the dev behind Voxkit, Spectral Eye, Audio MIDI Connect, and a couple of other things. There's a synth engine in the pipeline, and some major improvements to a midi controller. A friend of mine who designs board games has pulled me into his project; I worked for Activision many years ago, and still have a soft spot for games. I'm trying to not talk about my stuff (or bash other developers or apps) too much here; paid advertising is one thing, shilling is something else...

September 25, 2012  | person_outline Fessaboy

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