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BeatSpiral is a Universal sample performance instrument from Xylio, makers of Future DJ.

We've seen a few sample slicer apps, but most stick to the conventional 16-step sequencers of hardware samplers. This looks pretty damn cool, using the touch interface to control the sequencer in a more dynamic way.

iTunes Description:

Chop samples, make beats and perform them live. Choose from the included library or import your own.

  • Create new sequences by rearranging and looping sample slices
  • Hold the wave stripes at different locations to play slices, slide out to record
  • 2 Waves on the left get recorded to one track, the others to the second
  • Different loop regions on each track, change their length, copy and erase
  • Mute pads for temporary silencing, erasing track content and deactivating
  • Eject buttons for selecting sample files and setting volume and panning
  • User sample import via iTunes File Sharing (mp3, wav, aiff, m4a)
  • Animated metronome shows tempo controls (20-200 BPM) with Tap Tempo
  • Zoom, Undo and Rotate tracks
  • Audio engine featuring high quality interpolation and low latency
  • Sample library and handy user guide to get you started
  • Crossfader
  • Autosave

Buy BeatSpiral on iTunes: $1.99

Not mentioned in those features are how you import your own samples, record nor export.

For $2 though this looks pretty damn fun, as evidenced by their introductory video.

September 20, 2012  | person_outline Tim Webb

"User sample import via iTunes File Sharing (mp3, wav, aiff, m4a)"

September 20, 2012  | person_outline Will

Hmmm... well spotted, I was scanning for the magical words!

iTunes file sharing requires a computer to move files between apps right? (or a jail-broken device) it must be the easiest type of sharing to add, but it's also the worst :/

September 21, 2012  | person_outline RMG

It really does blow. Took me a bit but I really love nanosync. If iTunes just supported folders, it would be worlds better especially now that you can do it all wirelessly.

September 21, 2012  | person_outline Will

Yes, we decided to start off with iTunes file sharing as it was the easiest to implement.
The next update will support recording external input and resampling as well as copying and pasting of audio.
BTW, which ACP standard would you preffer, Sonoma or Intua?
We're also looking into AudioBus and one idea would be to give you the possibility to rearrange the last two bars of incoming audio from other apps.
Let us know if you have any other feature requests (I/O or otherwise).

September 22, 2012  | person_outline Daniel (Xylio)

Hey Daniel! I think Sonoma ACP offers a better user experience, but more than that; it is also compatible with Intua Pasteboard! You get both that way.

Yeah, what Tim said.

September 22, 2012  | person_outline Will

Thanks guys!

September 22, 2012  | person_outline Daniel (Xylio)

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