Halloween 2018: The Parent Trap

Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. When I was a kid there were a few houses in my neighborhood that really put in an effort to make it creepy for the kids. I try to do the same for children today.

Our house has developed a reputation in the neighborhood. In the last couple of months I've heard from a few parents wondering if we were going to do anything. Naturally we were, but with all of this enthusiasm from parents we decided to change things up a bit. We wanted something that would give the parents a scare too!

Video Description:

Halloween is our favorite holiday so we always try to make it something memorable for the kids. This year we changed things up a bit to also make it something for the parents, with a "Parent Trap" to catch them off guard! Audio was recorded on the new iPhone XR, using Audioshare.

Last year's video: https://youtu.be/stB5jMaWnHc

Apple iPad Event 2018: Attack of the Dongles

Today's iPad and Mac event included a new Mac Book Air, a new Mac Mini, and the long awaited "X" iPad.

iPad Pro X

While not officially dubbed with an X, the new models of iPad Pro are definitely the iPad Pro X. Available in 11" and 12.9", both models sport a beefed up A12X processor. The A12, which appears in this year's iPhone models, has 6 CPU cores and 4 GPU cores. The A12X brings those totals up to 8 CPUs and 7 GPUs, to accommodate the larger screen. The new iPads also include FaceID, without the iPhone screen notch, so they've dropped the home button.

Moist Dongles

All in all this is an excellent looking iPad, but for musicians there are two big annoyances.

The new design removes the 3.5mm headphone jack. The excuse for doing so on the phones was to make them waterproof, because apparently a lot of people have been dropping their phones in the toilet. Apple did not indicate whether or not the new iPad Pros are also toilet safe. Either way, you'll need a dongle just to plug in your headphones now.

All of your Lightning peripherals will also need a dongle, because Apple have changed specs again. The new iPad Pros come with USB-C connectors. While this will be super annoying for some peripherals that were designed with the Lightning port in mind, it is something we should have all seen coming eventually after they dropped 30-pin. Switching from their proprietary Lightning connector to USB-C will probably be a good thing in the long-run, at least until Apple changes again.

You can order one of these new devices today, shipping on the 7th, but you better be prepared to spend over $1,000. The 11" model starts at $800 for just 64GB of storage, so realistically you'll need to go one more SKU up to 265GB. The price then jumps up to $950! If you want to top out at the maximum 1TB you'll need to pay a comical $1,550. Plus tax. Remember to add at least $100-200 to all of these prices for sales tax.

God help you if you want the 12.9" model, which starts at $1,000 for the paltry 64GB model. $1,150 gets you into the 256GB, while the illusory 1TB iPad will run you $1,750. If you think the new Apple Pencil is worth grabbing that'll be an extra $130, and the Keyboard Folio is priced between $180-$200. A grand total of $2,080 buys you the biggest iPad with all of the accessories... plus tax, which takes it to $2,206.81.

Here is the full iPad portion of today's event, as posted by Digital Trends.

Let's Play with SpaceCraft

SpaceCraft is one of those apps that just looks like it would be fun to touch. The synthwave interface is bright and inviting, but not terribly obvious. In this Let's Play I tweak all the panels and explain what they do!

Video Description:

This week I wrap up my look at the recent iOS granular synth apps with a video for SpaceCraft. SpaceCraft is capable of some very pretty textures, but it can also get nasty. I try to show off both sides in this Let's Play! SpaceCraft is available on iTunes: https://goo.gl/3JvXr5

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Let's Play with Quanta

Last month I showed off Tardigrain, and this week I'm continuing my look at the latest granular synths on iOS. Audio Damage's Quanta on iOS is just as feature-rich as the desktop version; capable of both beautiful and glitchy tones. I take a crack at doing both, with a special interest in the synthesis section of the app.

Video Description:

This year iOS got three great new granular synths! I'm going to explore them all, and this week I'm featuring Quanta by Audio Damage. This is a full-featured desktop AU/VST available now on iOS!

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/discchord If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: https://www.patreon.com/discchord_com (Patrons of both campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

Apple iPhone Event 2018: The Aftermath

The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated, but the rumors of today's Apple Event were pretty spot on. Apple kicked things off with a refresh to the Apple Watch before unveiling 3 new iPhones. There were no iPads announced today, but I just got a rumor submitted to me from a pretty serious source that suggests we'll have 2 new Pro models by the end of October. If my source is correct, the new iPads will lose the home button and lighting port in favor of USB-C. We'll know if he's right on October 30th!

Apple Watch 4

As expected the Apple Watch 4 was announced today, with a 64-bit processor that they promise will be 2x faster than the previous model. The displays are between 32-35% larger than the previous models as well. Also as expected the new model includes an electrocardiogram function, for a deep look at hearth rhythms.

One thing the rumors missed was an automatic fall detection system. People who masturbate with their left hands will want to remember to take off the watch, or it may automatically call emergency services to report your rapid and repeated falls.

The new watch will arrive on September 21st for $400, or $500 if you want the cellular version for phone calls.

iPhone XS

Apple's Phil Schiller is clearly not utilizing the fitness features of the Apple Watch. He was looking really out of shape today, and I was genuinely worried about him. He managed to bring a lot of excitement for the new iPhones though. Phil jumped right in to confirm the iPhone XS, and a new Plus sized iPhone XS Max.

Apple were uncharacteristically nerdy in their details about the new A12 Bionic. The new phone chip features a 6 core CPU (2 high-performance, 4 high-efficiency) , 4 core GPU, and 8 core Machine Learning (ML) engine. The biggest news here is actually in their manufacturing process which is now down to 7nm. For comparison, Intel's latest CPUs are still being built at 14nm transistors. The smaller transistors mean they can cram in that much more in the same space. At 6 CPU cores, 4 GPU cores, and 8 ML cores, that is 18 cores in a tiny chip!

Developers will have access to all of that in the new CoreML SDK. This could be big. Presently Machine Learning researchers need to invest in high priced graphics cards. If we get TensorFlow on iPhone this could be a huge boon to research, with so much power available as part of the price of your phone.

One thing the rumors really got wrong were the prices. These aren't cheaper at all. The XS arrives at $1,000 for 64GB, like last year's iPhone X, and the XS Max starts at $1,100. Both will be shipping September 21st.

iPhone XR

As expected there is a (slightly) cheaper iPhone. Unlike the iPhone 5c, this is not a hugely stripped down version. In fact it has nearly all of the features of the other two phones, including the A12 Bionic chip and Face ID. It is cheaper because it has an LCD display, instead of OLED, and does not have the advanced rear camera array. The LCD display resolution isn't terrible. It is 326ppi, which is equivalent to the iPhone 8.

I think this version will appeal to a lot of people over the XS and XS Max for the variety in color finishes. I'm seriously smitten with the Red. Unfortunately it isn't a whole lot cheaper, coming in at $750 on October 26th.

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