Apple iPhone Event 2018: The Rumor Mill

Apple's annual iPhone event is happening today! The rumors surrounding Apple products have become an industry unto themselves. Even big outlets that shouldn't even touch rumors get in on the act. The sources of these rumors have had a chance to prove themselves over the years, so now the sources with proven credibility are given greater credence. Here is a round-up of the most plausible rumors.

Three New iPhones

Everyone agrees that Apple will be announcing 3 new iPhone models today, and everyone is in agreement on their shapes, but no one is confident about the names. In fact, one rumor suggests Apple isn't even confident about the names. Apparently Apple have been changing the model names around frequently in the last several months. The three models will almost certainly fit into 3 categories: Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, Unapologetically Plastic.

Original Recipe is believed by most be to called the Xs; similar to 6s and 5s phones in previous generations. It is expected to be cheaper and (slightly) better than last year's iPhone X. This model features the usual annual incremental improvements, but it may be priced $100 cheaper than the original iPhone X!

Extra Crispy has been known as the Plus model in previous years. Now most people think it is going to be called something like Xs MAX, signalling that Jony Ive is entirely out of ideas. This iPhone X Plus gets an OLED display like the iPhone X and today's Xs. There are other rumors that it will feature a 3 camera rear-array. The iPhone X's dual 12 megapixel cameras are pretty fucking incredible, so I'm curious to hear why Apple thought the Extra Crispy model needed a third. With the iPhone Xs now priced less than $1,000, the iPhone Xs MAX is expected to fill in that gap for people who want to spend $1,000 on the base model of a phone.

The phrase Unapologetically Plastic was Jony Ive's feeble attempt to dissuade people from referring to the cheap iPhone 5c as cheap. They're bringing back a cheap model this year, but have managed to resist the temptation to actually make it plastic. Instead of the OLED display on the other models, the iPhone Xc (or possibly iPhone XR) will have an LCD screen. With the iPhone Xs coming in at 5.8", this model will be 6.1", but at a much lower resolution. This is supposed to be budget friendly, starting at a mere $750-$850. That's a steep jump from 2016's iPhone SE, which started at $400. At least it will be aluminum instead of plastic!

All 3 models are expected to have the front-facing camera array that enables Face ID.

Apple Watch 4

The previous models of the Apple Watch have all been 32-bit, which seems odd considering how agro Apple has been about 64-bit on iOS. It is expected that we will see the first 64-bit Apple Watch announced today. This could provide for a zippy performance boost.

There are some other interesting Apple Watch 4 rumors, including a credible source that claims the next model will offer EKG(electrocardiogram) advanced heart monitoring. No one is suggesting that it will finally get the long-awaited non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. Apple were rumored to have started working on this at least 2 years ago, but now people are saying they are still several years away from getting it right.

No New iPads (Yet)

Apple is expected to announce new iPad Pro's soon, but probably not today. I only saw one seemingly credible source touting iPad Pro's coming today. We may have to wait for another iPad-specific event.

We'll find out, and see which rumors were correct, in about 1 hour when the event kicks off!

discchord 7th Anniversary: Behind the Scenes

This month has been such a roller-coaster for me. It started with news that I was going to lose half of my funding, but it ends on a very positive note. Thanks to all of the sponsors and patrons who stepped up to help keep me afloat. The site is going to stick around, so let's celebrate this 7th anniversary!

Usually I do some kind of goofy post for the anniversary, but I'm so grateful to everyone that I wanted to do something special. I've had a lot of requests to do a "Behind the Scenes" video to show you all what it is that I do everyday. I think that this is a fitting time to do that. in this video you get to see exactly what it is that you are helping me to keep doing!

I love my work. I can't thank you all enough for helping me continue it, but I'm going to try. Thank you!

Video Description: is celebrating its 7th anniversary this week! To commemorate this, and thank all of the people who make it possible, I'm taking you behind the scenes. This is the daily life of a professional blogger!

Thank you very much to all of the Patrons and Sponsors who make this possible!

Let's Play with Tardigrain

humbleTUNE has been developing humble little apps for years, but Tardigrain eschews humbleness to be epic! This granular synth is soaring and, unlike many previous granular apps, can be quite smooth. I had a lot of fun exploring some wild tones in here for this Let's Play!

I joked on Monday that I'd have to increase the end credits by 5 seconds to thank all of the new patrons, but I actually had to extend it by 10 seconds to fit everyone in! Thank you once again to each and every one of you!

Video Description:

This year iOS got three great new granular synths! I'm going to explore them all starting with Tardigrain from humbleTUNE. This one is extremely smooth with a lot of modulation available in a simple, performance-oriented, interface.

If you've enjoyed this series please consider supporting it by becoming a Patreon: If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a monthly Patreon campaign: (Patrons of both campaigns get the same benefits, including Ad Free viewing on the site!)

Evil Mega-Corporation's Plot Thwarted by Indie Developers

I am so grateful to everyone that stepped up over the weekend to save discchord. So many new advertisers have signed up to make sure Apple's sudden policy change will not leave the site (and me) unfunded.

Thank You!

Thanks so much to Fortamento, Audio Damage Inc, KV331 Audio, Aleksandar Mlazev, AuDSPR, Oliver Greschke, and Coffeeshopped! And of course thanks to all of my existing advertisers!

Additionally many more of you guys joined the Patreon campaign! I'm going to have to extend the outro credits on the Let's Plays by at least 5 seconds to fit in everyone's names!

You did it! The site will survive! I love what I do here, and I'm so overjoyed to see so many people are willing to financially support it. This community is now self-sustaining, and I get to keep doing what I love! Thank you all!

Developers: You're My Only Hope - Apple Remains Silent

After a week of outrage from communities all across the iOS ecosystem, Apple remains silent following their declaration that they will end the affiliate program for apps. I have an executive contact at iTunes. He's been a great help over the years; sorting out issues that have cropped up with the affiliate program. We've even spoken on the phone. Now I can't get him to return an email.

Last Friday many of you stepped up to help out with Patreon pledges. I'm rarely humble, but I am humbled by those of you that have demonstrated your support by giving me your hard-earned money. To show my gratitude I've added a new section on the site that lists and thanks the active Patrons and advertisers.

Unfortunately your contributions cannot offset the huge deficit I face when Apple stops paying me a commission on app sales. Without additional funding, I'll be working for less than minimum wage. I'm willing to take a pay cut to keep the site going, but this is unsustainable. This site requires 3-4 hours every day to maintain, so seeking additional employment jeopardizes the site's future.

We've seen that before in the loss of nearly every other site that's catered to our small niche. There have been so many before. First to go was Touch Sound, then iOS Musician, and iOS Mars. Alex got a new job and shuttered iDesignSound. Doug Woods and Jakob Haq combined forces for a short lived thesoundtestroom site. iOS Music & You has been off-and-on for several years, with Chip too busy at his day job. Palm Sounds was closed when Ashley began to write for CDM. And this year John stopped updating Music App Blog to pursue other opportunities. discchord has outlived them all, but for how much longer?

I need to find new funding for the site to continue to be worthwhile for me. I've looked at how other sites generate revenue and given them all their due consideration.

Sell Out

I get a lot of offers from super shady people who want to do "native advertising" or guest posts. They offer money to post their garbage here with links back to whatever it is they are trying to sell. Obviously this isn't going to fly. Besides being unscrupulous, this a dumb move. Any site doing this will quickly lose all credibility.

Sell Supplements

Alex Jones has also had an unfortunate week too, but despite being banned from YouTube he's still going to be making a lot of money for himself by selling supplements. These range from the purely nonsensical to the "if that actually worked it would be illegal" varieties.

My dietary supplementation is much more modest. I started working out last year and dabbled a bit with supplements, but I only tried those with actual science to back them up. Then I only kept the ones that seemed to do anything. Lately I only take Creatine and L-Citrulline DL-Malate. I've found them both to be helpful in getting my "pump" on. I find I have the raw power to keep going even when I'm feeling fatigued.

I can whole heartily recommend that everyone should get into lifting. And while you're at it, buy those supplements from my Amazon affiliate links. Your results may vary. You may or may not look like a badass cyberpunk when you lift.

Sell Advertising

While my call for support was heard by many of you, I have not gotten a lot of additional support from developers. I sold 0 new ads. This is disheartening. I hear from so many developers telling me they sell more apps from discchord than anywhere else, but none of them stepped up to help keep discchord going.

I'd like to encourage every developer to take a look at their iTunes Connect account and look at referral traffic. If discchord is how you sell the most apps, please consider keeping discchord around! I only need about 4 more advertisers at either of the $100 slots, or 8 at the $50 slot, or some combination there of! Really I'm just looking for about $400 more per month so I don't feel like my time is poorly rewarded. Surely discchord is a better investment than having to pay Apple to compete on search results.

I'm not looking for people who just want to advertise for a month or two. I'm looking for developers who believe discchord is of value to the community and its continued existence will ensure their own future sales. To that end I need advertisers who will stick with me for the long haul. I need more people like White Noise Audio, who has been with me since day 1. Secret Base Design was with me for 4 years. Jam Maestro has been with me for the last 5. These guys invest in the future of iOS music and the community that supports it.

We've been hitting record views for the last 3 months. This isn't a charity, this is a symbiotic relationship.

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