Everything is Cancelled

I love April Fools. Even the jokes that don't land are at least a break from the norm. It is the one day that makes us all seriously question what we read on the Internet. I think that's a healthy annual reminder that we should be this skeptical on all the other days of the year. Unfortunately I have to agree with the many people who have called for April Fools to be cancelled this year.

I know this won't come as a blow to the many of you who don't give a shit and just want your regular sites to give you your regular content. You're getting it today. If you scroll past this post you'll find lots of new articles. There are 3 new apps today! There's lots of stuff to take your mind off the crisis.

You should also scroll past this if you don't want to read a political rant on your favorite music app blog. Just go straight down to all those new apps and videos. I don't want to force my opinion on anyone. I frankly don't believe anyone can convince anyone else of a political opinion on the Internet. I also don't want to bum you out. I never post about sad personal shit here, because that's not what you're coming to read. But this shit has hit way too close to home, and I'm super sad right now so I want to rant. Please just scroll past to the new apps if you don't want to hear it. Endless finally came out of beta, and BeepStreet's Drambo is even more amazing than we ever realized. There's lots of fun stuff below this post.

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Scroll To Here

My husband works at a hospital. He's in IT, not medicine, so he is not directly interacting with the many Covid-19 patients there. He still has to go into a building he knows is full of a bug that is killing people all over the world. None of the other people in that building are feeling particularly great either. Quite a lot of them are at their breaking point. These are the modern mundane heroes of the health care industry, and they're being wiped out by a host of villains.

If you're looking for a career change, or have been furloughed indefinitely, you should make use of your free time to start studying medicine. There is going to be a drastic shortage of nurses and doctors in America very soon. It shouldn't have happened like this, but it did. It is still happening! It is a slow motion train wreck that is killing the very best of us, and it is leaving the survivors feeling hollow and betrayed.

It's almost laughable now how easily Americans have looked down on the rest of the world for decades. Now places like India are actually dealing with the threat, while we fumble this at every turn. The shortages of personal protective equipment were easily avoidable. The mass infections we see all across this nation were avoidable. We just didn't avoid it. We hemmed and we hawed and we didn't take the threat seriously.

Shit rolls down hill, so let's look at the top of this mountain of failures. I don't know how you felt about the President of the United States of America 3 weeks ago, but I can't imagine how anyone feels good about him now. His response to the crisis has been irresponsibly inconsistent, and dangerously narcissistic. Meanwhile we continue to have states that are still not on lockdown. As I write this, a quarter of all Americans are living in states that are acting as if this is a normal Wednesday. This is going to needlessly prolong the infection throughout the whole country, because they're more concerned about their fucking tax revenue. Trump has signed a lot of executive orders in his term. He's failed to sign the one we needed most. If he shut this all down 3 weeks ago, we wouldn't have hospitals bursting over capacity.

Even in states that are on lockdown, there are a disturbing amount of people ignoring the order. I'm actually way more pissed with these folks than I am with Trump. Assholes ignoring the order to stay home are the real villains. These are the people who are putting everyone at risk. Especially hospital workers. This whole shortage of personal protective equipment is appalling, but the situation is made much worse when people are unnecessarily getting themselves infected. These idiots are using up the resources that protect the lives of healthcare workers and their families.

Every single day my husband comes home from the hospital he's shaken. He's had a grueling work day, and on the drive home he is devastated to see so many people outside and still congregating in groups. Is this really just a country full of dangerous narcissists? How are so many people more concerned with their fucking petty social nonsense, than they are with the well-being of the healthcare providers they are endangering?

If you're a threat to the heroes, you are the villain in this story.

Let's Play with FRMS

One common mistake that new YouTubers make is in apologizing for a performance at the start of the video. They'll say things like, "oh this is my first time doing this..." or have a description that is deprecating of their results. Sometimes this is just false modesty, but an apology will color how the performance is received.

Nothing is wrong with this video. In fact, everything is wonderful! How are you doing? Did you sleep well?

Video Description:

Imaginando brings us an impressive combination of granular and traditional synthesis in a powerhouse combination. This video is a bit unlike others in this series. Due to the complexity of FRMS, I didn't try going into this with a clear plan. I just wanted to document the sound design process. Which honestly turned into a train wreck that lasted over an hour. I've done some aggressive editing on this to bring it down to less than 30 minutes.

I think it still retains all of the essential information. I hope it reveals that the process of creating a patch doesn't always go smoothly, but if you take your time and explore you will be rewarded! I love the final result!

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Apple iPad Pro 2020

Apple have announced the new iPad Pro models for 2020, and they're good news for iPad Pro 2018 owners!

This is just an incremental update. The chipset is upgraded from the A12X to the A12Z, which might have some small impact on games with its increased GPU output. It is kind of amazing to see Apple reuse old chip architecture like this. Especially 2 year old chip architecture. The prices of the 11" and 12.9" are identical to the iPad Pro 2018 skews, though the starting storage is 128GB now. All units are expected to start shipping March 25th.

The only thing I care about here is the amazing dock with a trackpad that uses gestures! They're calling it the "Magic Keyboard" because they could name it Dog Shit™ and people would still happily pay $300 for the 11" model or $350 for the 12.9" version.

Expect iOS 13.4 to arrive on March 24th to add the trackpad support. Here is the flashy promo from Apple.

Fuck Behringer

Hardware manufacturer Behringer, known historically and primarily for their cheap noisy mixers, fucked up.

Their recent efforts to re-brand themselves as a cheap clone company have been mostly welcomed by the larger music making community. They got a bit carried away though and started to trademark names from other companies. Synth Anatomy first broke this story, but CDM's Peter Kirn brought more attention to it. Two weeks later Behringer trademarked Peter Kirn's last name.

Peter had previously attracted Behringer's attention when he exposed their attempts to sue a site that called Behringer a shameless copycat. They also tried to sue Dave Smith Instruments and some DSI forum posters for defamation; which Peter also reported on. While many people have been happily buying up their new cheap clones, it seems like Peter Kirn has been the only one pointing out their disturbing trend of silencing critics.

Faced with a voice that they could not easily intimidate into silence, Behringer's marketing department spent a lot of time and money producing a mock product to mock Peter. This was almost immediately pulled from their social media posts when people began accusing the German manufacturer of antisemitism. I think the nose looks more like Pinocchio. I spoke with Peter this morning and can report that Peter is not Jewish.

Behringer have apologized specifically for any implications of antisemitism, but have yet to apologize for attacking an independent journalist with the full force of their goddamn marketing department. Fuck Behringer.

It is worth noting that Behringer doesn't even own the rights to the music they used in this video. Like many of their real products, their fake product is also a clone, because they're shameless copycats.

Let's Play with Mononoke

There have been a lot of apps released in the last month, but it wasn't hard to pick which one I wanted to play with for this video. I've been having so much fun with Mononoke! I have been having less fun with YouTube.

Last August they began an audit for the site's usage of the YouTube API. This was a lengthy process of dealing with dumb bots and even dumber people that didn't finish until last month. The matter seemed settled and resolved in my favor. This month they launched a second audit for the same exact thing! I'm fairly pissed off about this. Today when I uploaded this video, it immediately got flagged as a copyright violation because 13 seconds of a 24 minute video sound vaguely like a song no one cares about. I'm starting to hate YouTube.

Video Description:

The latest synth from Bram Bos is a unique drone/soundscape generator with performance pads that make it a bunch of fun to play with! I mostly manage to stop playing with it long enough to describe what's going on.

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