Unison Audio Part 2 - The Unison Fucks Back

Over the weekend I received a notice from Google that a DMCA Removal was issued against discchord.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a legal mechanism allowing for the immediate removal of any copyrighted material from the Internet. Its broad-reaching power has been abused frequently in the past two decades. Its abuses began almost immediately after it was signed into law, with Adobe arresting security researcher Dmitry Sklyarov. It has been abused by Volkswagen to hide their emissions test cheating. According to Google, 94% of the DMCA requests it receives are fraudulent. Here is one more for the shit pile.

The Internet is far too large to police manually. While Google acknowledges that the DMCA requests are bogus they still automatically de-list anything they get a take-down request for. A provision of the DMCA is that they become liable if they don't immediately act on a DMCA request. So we get a policy of shooting first, and determining guilt later. It was up to me to begin the process of figuring out who issued the DMCA, why, and then filing a formal legal declaration that I own the rights to the content on my site.

Back in April Ave Mcree reported that Unison Audio issued a copyright strike against his YouTube channel. This was a direct attempt to to silence a video which allegedly documented a scam Unison Audio were running. I was fairly appalled by that and its chilling implications, so I said, Fuck Unison Audio.

The geniuses at Unison Audio figured that the appropriate resolution was to just press that DMCA button a few more times to silence anyone who reported on them DMCAing Ave McCree. So they did. discchord was among 6 other sites targeted by this DMCA abuse.

The largest site on that hitlist is CDM. I spoke with editor Peter Kirn and asked for his thoughts on the situation:

"You just did the thing we said you were doing in order to stop us saying you did that thing you just did."

Now we're in an asinine game of cat and mouse where they're silencing journalists, and then silencing the journalists that report on them silencing journalists. This is a foolish course of action on their part. Journalists tend to get pretty pissed off when they see other journalists being silenced.

Let's Play with EG Pulse

This week I got early access to Elliott Garage's latest app EG Pulse, an AUv3 drum machine. I was pretty pleased with the features and kits, though it could probably stand to have a few more kits. EG Pulse has been available for pre-order, and releases this Friday. Which is tomorrow if you're a Patron, and today if you're not.

Video Description:

Elliott Garage's latest app is an AUv3 drum machine, EG Pulse. It includes some nice features and drum kits; which I explore in this Let's Play!

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Apple iPhone Event 2019: Phil Schiller Max

Today was Apple's annual iPhone event where we saw several new devices joining Apple's range of consumer products. There are a lot of websites that will be fawning over the details of those devices, but I want to raise a much more important issue. Phil Schiller needs to get in shape.

During last year's iPhone event, I noted that Phil did not appear to be availing himself of the many health features that were touted during the Apple Watch key note. His physique today was even more alarming. His weight is now affecting his posture, forcing him to walk at an odd angle. Phil Schiller's appearance was even more unsettling because he forgot to untuck his shirt. In all of the years Phil has appeared at Apple events, he has always had his shirt untucked. Occasionally you'd get the impression that he had just untucked it prior to going out on stage, but at least the effort was made.

Today he looked old, lumpy, and defeated; like a man who has given up.

A couple of years ago I was dealing with a fairly serious health issue that I haven't talked about publicly. This was at the same time that Doug Woods was beginning to experience his health problems.I kept mine private because I did not want to give the impression that all music app YouTubers were dying. But I was.

Between September 2016 and February 2017 I was periodically hit with a terrible pain that wracked every organ of my body. During these "attacks" I was weak, confused, and truly felt like I was dying for several hours at a time. My mind would just kind of go into this odd Zen of acceptence, "Well I guess that's that then." This would happen to me at about once per day for the entire 6 month duration.

I was in and out of Emergency Rooms and doctors visits during that time. No one could tell me what was causing my "attacks" or how to prevent them. I had noticed that it seemed to be related to my eating. As long as I kept eating I would avoid attacks, or minimize their impact.

Acidic Blood (Artist Rendering)

I put on a lot of weight in those 6 months before I figured out that I was dealing with a rare non-diabetic form of ketoacidosis, brought on by a clinical magnesium deficiency. The pH in my blood was going down to acid. The cure was simply to start taking a magnesium supplement and that fixed me overnight.

With that solved I needed to address all of the weight I'd put on, so I began a work out regimen that same February. And I kept at it. I just turned 40 last month, in the best shape of my life.

There are a lot of virtues to being fit, beyond looking fit. I have more energy, and just feel great throughout the whole day. I'm not just strong, I feel strong and it is a great feeling! I'm also less susceptible to random annoyances, like digestion problems. I intend to continue to lift weights and do cardio as a means of combating aging. I would like to strongly encourage others to try it as well. Working out sucks, but the benefits are enormous!

For anyone that cares more about the new Apple toys: There's a new Watch that is more like a watch, but still doesn't do anything that justifies itself or its price. There's a new iPad that's the lowest-tier iPad, with the lowest-tier bezel. There's a trio of new phones that are faster than last year's old phones.

Audeonic's StreamByter is Now Free

Audeonic has announced that his StreamByter app will now be free. Good news for you, but bad news for Nic.

Released last year as a spin-off AUv3 from MidiFire, the niche app allows users to create custom MIDI effects. Nearly a full year later Bram Bos released Mozaic, a very similar app that sat at a price point of exactly $1 less than StreamByter.

Sales of StreamByter slowed to a trickle in the following months. Nic shared his sales data with me for this article. In the last 30 days Audeonic sold 6 copies of StreamByter, and one of those was refunded. Faced with competition in this tiny niche of a tiny niche, Audeonic had some tough choices to make. He could have started a price war as they raced to the bottom, by pricing StreamByter below Mozaic. At that point his profits would have been next to nothing anyhow, so he's just giving it away.

In the last 24 hours he's had more downloads of StreamByter than it achieved in the last 12 months.

Bram Bos was kind enough to share his sales data with me for the sake of comparison. In the 3 months since its release, Mozaic is averaging less than 100 sales in a month. After Apple's cut, and taxes, Bram takes in €2 per unit. Less than €600 is a tiny payoff for the amount of work that goes into making an app.

He notes that Mozaic also requires a lot of customer support, so factor that into the total time committed to the app for a €2 pay day.

Everyone knows, and I've said it many times before, that our current app economy is unsustainable. Today marks only the latest victim of that unsustainability. Nic has revealed that he doesn't intend to release any new apps. After over 8 years of independent music app development, it just isn't economically feasible for him to continue. We as consumers need to take note. We need to pay developers a fair wage if we want them to continue to bring us great apps. Developers need to feel that they can charge whatever it takes to recoup their time invested. Otherwise making apps for us in this tiny niche is a waste of their time, energy, and talent.

Let's Play with ANILOG

ANILOG's colorful interface grabbed my attention this week, and pulled me into it's fun 80's sounds! Once again we have a new iOS synth that continues to innovate, offering a unique sound design method.

Video Description:

Amy Lee's second app is a truly unique synth tailored towards making lively 80's sounds.

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